Best 10 wall decor ideas for your home in 2020

best 10 wall decor ideas for your home

Plain walls are always dull, boring, and not appealing. Also, adding some wall decoration isn’t a hard task at all. Here are the best wall decoration ideas, you can afford easily to pleasure your traditional walls.

Get ready for all inspiration to transform your plain walls once and for all! Because we always host a bunch of creative ideas to gift these plain walls all the attention they deserve.

Keep your mood on for art, and let’s get started right here ad right now.             

1-3D Panels wall decor ideas:

Whatever your wall is miserable and looks indecent, 3D wall panels are always the ultimate solution. They cover scratches and bumps and give a decent style for your wall. They are affordable and easy to clean and wash; they are ideal wall decorations. And now, let’s review some.

1.1-Plant fiber 3d wall decoration panels –  by Art 3D:

 Plant fiber 3d wall decoration panels
Plant fiber 3d wall decoration panels


33 tiles of 3d wall decor panels that stick to a wall side by side, with a capacity to cover 32 Sq Ft.

Tile size: 11.8″x11.8″ (a large wall décor product).

Made of plant fiber, %100 recyclable, and environmental-friendly.


works best with residential and commercial settings.   

Fits well with ceilings as well.

Forms and easy to install and glue with no hassle. 

Special affection

It offers a dramatic ambiance to traditional walls, emitting the pleasure of aesthetics and elegance inside rooms.


Classified as one of the best wall decorations for the living room, where they take all boredom and depression away from eyes.


1.2-White Brick 3D Wall decoration Panels:

White Brick 3D Wall decoration Panels
3D Wall decoration Panels


20 Pcs with 8mm thickness. They are mounted side by side to cover any wall area.

Size: 2.52ft x 2.26ft, covers 114 sq feet (A large wall décor product).

Made of high-quality soft PE foam.

Perfect for living room and bedroom wall decoration


Soft, flexible, and thick enough to prevent children’s collision.

Perfect sound insulator, helping you and your family to enjoy the calmness and hi-quality sleep.

Waterproof and oil proof.

Easy to clean with a wet cloth.

Easy to peel and stick.

Affordable and no technician fees needed.

Hide all messy details and defects and show new walls.


1.3-Stick tiles for kitchen and bathroom wall decor:

Tiles are the most familiar wall decorations for a bathroom, shower room, and certainly kitchen room.  Some can be beneficial and worthy. Some can be a waste of bucks, especially under heat and heavy moisture while they can lose adhesion and fall down. So, you need to be attentive and go beyond reputation.

 Metal Backsplash Peel and Stick Tile for Kitchen
Metal Backsplash Peel and Stick Tile for Kitchen


11.8″x11.8″ Silver Aluminum Tiles

Come with 5 tiles and cover 5 Sq Ft of your kitchen walls.

Ranked as the best wall decoration for the kitchen, but why?

  • Super adhesive for long years
  • Protect your original walls and paintings against heat and oil splashes.
  • Provide your walls with abrasion resistance.
  • Touch your kitchen room with elegance and majesty!
  • Affordable and easy to install; just peel and stick, no technician fees.
  • Also, consider that they can do a good job in the bathroom as a water splash protector.


We really recommend these tiles as one of the best wall decor kitchen ideas. Give it a try.


2.Canvas art wall decor ideas:

Canvas art means a ton of wall decorations for living rooms, bathrooms, reception halls, kitchens, and much more. They can provide such a fabulous ambiance of aesthetics and pleasure wherever they are.

2.1-Modern Giclee Canvas-provided by Wieco Art:

 Moon Phrase Canvas Wall Art decoration
Moon Phrase Canvas Wall Art decoration


 (An inspiring lightening moon shining in the dark sky!)

4 pictures in one package, forming an inspiring moon in the sky picture.


A Super definition gives it an incredible reality like you are standing in front of a real moon.

A nice gift idea for families and relatives, especially if they love having art inside their homes.

Special affection

Calming, reassuring, and inspiring. Helping you to relax, meditate, and get your mentality back after hard sessions of stress and work.


Included as one of the most fitting wall decorations for the living room, but also works best for office, bedroom, kitchen, hotel room, dining room, bathroom, etc.


2.2-Plum Blossom Artwork Wall Decor:

  Floral Canvas Wall Art  for living room
Floral Canvas Wall Art 


 (A beautiful white flower blossoms in heaven!)

3 pictures in one package forming a beautiful white flower when blossoming in the spring.


comes with HD colors and perfect details like you really have a part of nature inside your room.

Framed and ready to hang.

3 different sizes are available.

Custom design with certain dimensions is also available.

Special affection

Calming, nice and charges your soul with hope and optimism energy, helping you to relax and fall in sleep with no worry or insomnia.


Ranked as one of the best seller wall decoration ideas for bedroom and living room in 2019. Also, it suits your office and reception halls as well.


3-Wall frames decor ideas:

Frames not only define some pictures; frames define your wall and all your rooms’ ambiance all the time, especially when you mount some success shots inside!

3.1-Metal photo frame collection :

 wall frame gallery wall decor
wall frame gallery


Simple, classy, and elegant aluminum frames to hold all of your dear pictures inside.

7 frames included: two 8×10-inch, four 5×7-inch, and one 11×14-inch.

Suits all pictures with the following sizes: 8×10, 5×7 & 11×14 (without Mat) or, 5×7, 4×6 & 8×10 (With Ivory Color Mat).


Mat boards are the cherry on the cake. It gifts your art this appealing pop that catches eyes. They also protect the art from sticking to water or the glass.

Adds a special ambiance of cheers and delight around your picture.

It’s simple, but it really highlights all the art inside!


3.2- Picture Frame 7-Piece Wall Set :

Black  Craig Frames wall decor
Black Craig Frames 


7 frames with pure white mats that enhance picture quality and clarity.

comes with glass, white display mats, attached stamped hanging hardware, and rigid backing.

For frames:
4 frames with 11*14-inch. 3 frames with 8*10-inch

For white mats:

(4) 11×14 mats w/openings for 8×10 photos; (3) 8×10 mats w/openings for 5×7 photos.


Made with a frame molding with 1 inch wide and smooth wrap finish.


One of the most selling decorations for bedrooms where you put your wife and family pictures in front of you all the time.


4.Tree Wall Art decor ideas:

3d trees standing with nice branches on your home walls. They aren’t only for decorations. Some of them may affect your mood and psychology all day because they really carry an impressive beauty! Let’s get in to get a feel.

 4.1-Family Tree Decal Wall Decor:

Family Tree Wall Decal 


A 3d standing tree with lovely branches to gather your family pictures around

Standard size: 107″w x 90″h

Medium size: 95″w x 80″h


  • High definition and super pure colors.
  • Easy installation with simple steps (no technician fees)

Special affection

Warm for heart when you see these braches gathering your family members together like you are always together in every moment.


One of the most admiring ideas for wall decorations you can ever try!

The best gift idea for families.


4.2-3D Couple Tree Wall Murals:

 3d Couple Tree Wall Murals for Living Room
3d Couple Tree Wall Murals for Living Room


A brown trunk tree with red acrylic leaves pieces spreading along a wall to cheer your room up.

Made of acrylic pieces


118 inches wide by 61 inches tall (wide large product)


Aesthetics; the acrylic pieces are bright, shining, and reflective.

Super realistic and has a perfect 3d view.

Gloss surface, high impact, and scratch resistance.

Designed to apply to rough, uneven, textured surfaces.

Special affection

Red leaves glamor brightens up souls and brings all joy to your rooms!


Ranked as one of the most pleasing wall decoration stickers in 2019.


5-Metal wall art decor ideas:

One of the most popular wall decoration ideas. Some love to pay money for wood decorations or panels; some prefer metal types instead. It’s a game of tastes, and we always seek to satisfy all. If you are a big fan of metal wall decorations, here are the best products, you can trust.

5.1-The Colored Tree Metal Wall Art:

 Multi-Colored Tree Metal Wall Art
Multi-Colored Tree Metal Wall Art


Pure colors are fighting in one masterpiece showing a mix colored tree that wows eyes!

Comes in 5-Panels Measures 24″x 64″

Available sizes:

Standard size (24″x 64″)

Large size (32″x 64″)


3D dimensional view, pure hand grind on Aluminum.

The colors are permanent and never take off.

Provided with a hanger on the backside.

Subjected to 70 auditing procedures to ensure perfect quality for buyers.


Give it a look and trust it. It’s one of the most impressive wall decorations for the dining room!


5.2-Large Art in Ocean Metal Wall Decor:

Fish Metal Wall Art for living room wall decoration
Blue Tropical School of Fish Metal Wall Art


A group of fish swims around in ocean water with a coral reef around like you are bringing ocean in a picture.

A large wall décor.

Made of non-corrosive aluminum.


Super high definition, full of details even small ones.

Incredibly realistic and feels like you are having fun with fishes in real!

Multiple hanging options; hang it horizontally, vertically, together or even staggered.

Suits almost everywhere; hang it in any room, office or even in outdoor spaces.

Multiple size options; oversized 69″x 40″, large size 64″x 24″, huge size 86″x 32″.


6.Clock wall decor ideas: 

Clocks are the main part of your home, aren’t they? So, what about making them the most beautiful there? I’m gonna show you a bunch of clock decorations that will get you falling in love with clocks.

6.1-Vangold DIY wall clock:

3D large wall clock for living room and deroom wall decoration
3D large wall clock


A frameless clock with 3D numbers to let your home get stylish.

Modern and large

Size is adjustable as the diameter is adjustable as you like.


A charming 3D view that catches eyes.

The acrylic surface that covers all numbers. It gives appealing gloss and a sense of texture.

Moisture-proof EVA that enables mounting on any atmosphere.


Always goes best in the bedroom and living room as well.

Perfect for a large blank wall.


6.2-Chkosda Led clock wall decoration:

Led Wall Clock for bedroom wall decor
Led Wall Clock


A digital clock with 6 inches LED number.

8 levels of brightness

Frameless, lightweight, fire-retardant, and strong.

Ac charging cable is included.


Stylish and modern.

Full brightness control; choose hi levels during the day and low levels during the night for better sleep experience.

Enables long-distance readability.

Provided with a button for backup time setting so you don’t need to reset it again when it falls off.

 Safe and comfortable for eyes all the time.


Mostly, you can use it wherever you like and certainly I don’t need to tell you that it isn’t a good wall decoration for the bathroom.


6.3-Decorative Wall Clock –  by Lulu Decor:

Handmade Metal Clock for Living Room, Bedroom, Office Space
Handmade Metal Clock


A hand-made decorative clock with appealing crystal accents.

Metal and provided with 23” metal frame and 8.5″ glass dial with lines. This catches eyes from dis can gift your homes a cool style that catches all eyes toward. And as usual.


Smooth movement and silent all the time (no ticking).

Very appealing and catches eyes.


Works best for living rooms and reception halls.

A great gift idea at gathering socials and weddings.


7.Mirrors wall decor ideas:

Mirrors aren’t only for beautifying ourselves; Mirrors can gift your homes a cool style that catches all eyes toward. And as usual, after making a ton of trial purchases, we drive a bunch of best mirrors, you can trust and pay for.

7.1-Mosaic Decorative Wall Mirror –  by Zorigs:

Handcrafted Glass Mosaic Decorative Wall Mirror for living room
Handcrafted Glass Mosaic Decorative Wall Mirror


A stunning handcrafted mirror with an amazing colored frame.

Mirror size= 15″, Frame size= 23.5″.


Colors gift; pure natural colors are amazingly mixed together.  

%100 guarantee for money back; enjoy it or return it back within 30 days.

Appealing, and touches your rooms with serenity all the time.


Better suits living room and bedroom decorations.


7.2-Round Mirror wall decoration:

Elevens Wall Round Mirror  for bathroom living room and bedroom decor
Wall Round Mirror 


Nice round mirror that simply mounts on walls and has a special charm for decoration.

32 inches with a gentle metal frame.


Super Premium quality.

 avoids fraction and shows a super clear image with HD details.

Safe for walls doesn’t scratch, and the secret is that gentle frame with the loop-style protection on backing.

Modern, stylish and not traditional at all.

Easy to install; all needed screws and nails are included.


Better suits living rooms, but it also can be one of the best wall decorations for the bathroom.


8-Modern Hanging Planter wall decor ideas:

Plants surely benefit and fresh your home air, but are you sure they always look nice or beautiful? If not, here are the most beautiful hanging planters that specially designed for decoration purposes. Let’s dive in.

8.1- Hanging Planter Wall Decor Set:

Umbra Trigg Hanging Planter Wall Decor Set for Displaying Small Plants
Hanging Planter Wall Decor


A geometrically designed vessel hanging on any wall to maintain plants in a healthy scientific way.

Fits small plants, some pencils, makeup products, other accessories.


Modern, simple but elegant.

Light and goes anywhere.

Easy to install and comes with all needed hardware.

%100 satisfaction or money back; Umbra offers all money back with no discussion within 30 days.


Suits everywhere; suits rooms, suits bathroom, narrow spaces, small accent walls, outdoor, etc.


8.2- Ceramic Hanging Planter:

Ceramic Hanging Planter  for wall decoration indoor and outdoor
Ceramic Hanging Planter 


A hanging planter that livens up your room with a beautiful design.

Set of 3 pots.

Ceramic flower pots.


Decent and nice style inside your room.

It comes with a solid brass screw and gentle leather strap.

No drainage hole so you can add a handful of charcoal or small rocks to give the additional water somewhere to go.


Suits almost all indoor and outdoor spaces.


9-Shelves wall decoration ideas:

Wall decoration ideas and styles always vary; however, shelves used to come in wooden shapes. This isn’t bad at all. Just imagine you have a metal one in the shower room, and your head hits it accidentally when soap is blocking your vision! Let’s focus on wooden ones and keep our heads safe.

9.1-Floating Shelves Set:

Floating Shelves Set wall decor for living room bedroom bathroom
indoor and outdoor
Floating Shelves Set


Wall-mounted set–  3 shelves for storage and display.

Amazing shelves wall decoration Made of wood.

Consists of Paulownia wood boards, supported by metal brackets.


Simple, rustic but elegant.

Too functional when storing and organizing a lot of small stuff together like plants, shampoos, coins, etc.

Amazing wood wall decoration idea.

Easy installation; All mounting hardware is included.


One of the best seller wall decorations for bathroom because it is waterproof and busies no space.


9.2-Wood shadow box shelves:

 Hexagon floating wood  rustic shelves wall decoration
Hexagon floating wood  rustic shelves


A set of 3 Hexagon shelves for storage and display.

One measures at 9″ x 5.75″, the second is 11.5″ x 6.75″, and the third is 13.5″ x 7.75″.

Open back

Amazing rustic wall decoration and gives a farmhouse feel.


Made of genuine recycled wood, which is environment-friendly.

Multiple sizes

Easy applicable and comes with special hangers.

Suits almost everywhere and will transform the entire atmosphere of your home.


10-Tapestries for wall decoration ideas:

Art will never come to end. More and more ideas for wall decorations still come up every day. Tapestries are a part of this art. Moreover, they have a good advantage of easy transporting. So, if you feel some passion towards, go try the next products that we carefully selected for you.

10.1-Wall Hanging Bedding Tapestry:

Wall Hanging Bedding Tapestry  for bedroom wall decoration
Wall Hanging Bedding Tapestry 


A special Tapestry holding an Indian atmosphere. 

5 size and shape options; queen-size measures at 84 by 90 inch (the biggest size)

Handcrafted by local Indian artists.


Perfectly handcrafted with harmonized color mixes.

Pure Indian art with an appealing look.

Made of premium quality material.

Best idea for bedroom wall decoration


Bed Cover, Curtain, Wall Hanging, Couch cover. -> Furniture cover, Table Cloth, Fabric for creativity. -> Restaurant/shop decoration, Festival/wedding decoration, Dorm/college Decoration, Festival flags. -> Beach/Picnic Sheet/Blanket, etc.


10.2- Sevenstars Mountain Tapestry:

Tapestry Wall Hanging for Room decorations
Tapestry Wall Hanging for Room


Forests, birds, peaks, and sunsets form a beautiful natural landscape inside this art.

51.2 by 59.1 inches (3 more sizes are available for different usage scenarios).

Made of %100 polyester fabric.


soft, skin-friendly, durable, and easy to hang.

Easy to pack away for outdoor use and suits 4 seasons.

Adopts hi-advanced HD print.

Never worry about fading. All former buyers praise.

Feel thrilled or money back. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason, get your money back.


It works perfectly in living rooms, sometimes bedrooms. Also, classified as one of the best wall decorations for office.


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