Best 9 wall clocks decorations ideas for your home

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clock wall decor ideas for your home
clock wall decor ideas

Smartphones may have taken over timekeeping duty for the most part, but there’s still something great about a wall clock. It never gets lost, doesn’t have to be charged every day, and costs a whole lot less.

1-Vangold Frameless DIY Wall Clock decoration:

Wall Clock decoration for living room
Wall Clock decoration

The frameless acrylic mirror surface gives your wall clock a glossy and unique sense of texture. The 3D numbers are combined by three parts, acrylic mirror surface, EVA and the adhesive. The EVA part makes the wall clock three dimensional, applicable to any atmosphere of the interior.

The high-quality adhesive ensures the clock stays on the wall for long and serves the purpose it was made. It is a lovely way to decorate a large amount of space without breaking the bank. It is fairly easy to assemble and looks amazing.

It is the perfect wall clock for a fun, functional way to decorate a plain wall. Accuracy is as good as could be expected though the absence of a second-hand means it can only be evaluated closely at the 1/4-hour marks.


2- Traditional Chateau Wall Clock decoration:

traditional wall clock decoration ideas
traditional wall clock decor

Sometimes a room has a wall clock that looks so great, we forget its purpose is to tell time. We love using wall clocks as wall decor because the round shape can break up a gallery wall. Keeping time and keeping it stylish is what our Studio Designs Home Wall Clocks do for you.

This handsome and elegant wall clock by Studio Designs Home is a perfect addition to a study or living room. Its large 24-Inch diameter, black, thick plastic frame is lightweight and is less prone to scratches and dents than a traditional wood frame. The detailed dial features raised antique gold roman numerals and an interior minute track. The quartz movement keeps the decorative black hands with hand-painted gold tips accurate. The glass lens and antique paper and wood finish face add unique depth to this timepiece. Requires one AA alkaline battery (not included).


3-Wood Wall Clock Decorative for Living Room:

Wood wall clock decor ideas
Wood wall clock

Adding a unique wall clock in your home office creates a “get-down-to-business” feel for people who work from home. You can choose a clock that blends seamlessly into the finishes of the room or pick one that is a statement piece. Best of all, these clocks are wall art with a purpose.  Solid wood frame exudes an attractive sheen enhancing the sophistication of its inherent grain pattern and simple natural beauty, 13.8-inch diameter, 2-inch depth

The dial features a beige design, Black metal hands, Black Arabic numerals, easy to read, Plastic back. Non-ticking sweep seconds hand, Battery operated quartz movement (requires 1 AA battery – not included)


4-Plumeet Night Light Wall Clock:

Night Light Wall Clock for bedroom
Night Light Wall Clock

With an awesome retro look, the Plummet is a wall clock perfect for dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, study room, kitchen, office and meeting room.

Plummet wall clock is super quiet & non-ticking at night with night lights function, large enough for easy to see and read 13-inch diameter round frame.

The large stereoscopic numeral has night light asks for absorbing enough light energy during the day. Does glow in the dark as long as it has a light on it during the day. Has a second hand.

Comes with a magic hanger-upper thing that arrives wrapped in plastic -careful, it’s sharp. The sharp end goes into the wall, hammer it in, set the clock on the wall, no hassle looking for a nail.

Battery operated and low-power quartz movement requires 1 AA battery – not included (a good battery can be used for more than one year, energy saved).


5-CHKOSDA Digital Led Wall Clock Decoration :

Digital Led Wall Clock decorations ideas
Digital Led Wall Clock

Great clock! The display is clear and bright; the unit is lightweight and easily mounted on the wall, or just on the desktop and the remote control makes it easy to toggle between settings. It displays is a bright red.

With an amazing 6-inch LED Number with 8 Level Adjustable Brightness, time is easy to ready even in long-distance and identity. It has a good viewing experience and suitable for anywhere because the LED is bright and easy to read. It has been upgraded to 8 brightness adjustment, ensuring that the time is readable in the daytime and the display won’t disturb your sleep at night. The auto dimmer will give a big help if you don’t want to control the clock.

Unlike another wall clock which has a thick border in the market, our brand wall clock using the shell which is redesigned by yourself. The use of ABS plastic ensures that the wall clock is fire-retardant, lightweight and strong. There are two hanging holes and stand back support for mounted the clock on the wall or place on the table.


6-Lulu Decor, Black Drop Metal Wall Clock:

Black Drop Metal Wall Clock
Black Drop Metal Wall Clock

Decorative metal wall clock inspired from the shape of drops. The frame & drops are handmade with durable black metal which highlights any wall.

An elegant wall clock for the living room, bedroom, study room, and office space.

The diameter of this decor clock is 23”, Black Dial with large white Arabic numerals make it easy to view from distance. Glass dial size 9.5”. Weight 6 lbs. approx.

Beautiful and eye-catching wall clock that looks like it cost a lot more than it did. The radiated metal arms holding the crystals are not flimsy. The clear faceted crystals gently reflect and refract even the most minimal amount of light, making it a dynamic piece of wall décor. It is a unique wall clock and complements the wall in a perfect manner. In fact, it will become the star of your wall design.


7- Baltic Amber Mosaic Wall Clock Decor:

Baltic Amber Mosaic Wall Clock  decor
Baltic Amber Mosaic Wall Clock 

Decorative handmade beautiful Amber mosaic wall clock in Arabic dial. This is a beautiful clock and accolades go to the company for producing such a masterpiece.

What’s great about this clock is that it’ll fit right in with colored walls, decorative wall paintings, and various pieces of furniture. This convenient wall clock features a silent, sweep motion secondhand meaning no disruptive ticking. This classic wall clock is perfect to place in various areas such as dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, kitchens, offices, or conference rooms. The wall clock features Quartz movement and is of course battery operated, requiring 1 AA battery (which is not included). Nevertheless, this product is a true work of art and has some great features, making it worth our recommendation!


8-Infinity Instruments Satellite Clock Walnut:

Infinity Instruments Satellite Clock Walnut wall decor
Infinity Instruments Satellite Clock

If you are into Mid-Century Modern furnishings and are pining for a reasonably priced sunburst clock, this one should be on your shortlist. The clock keeps very accurate time. So, with a nod to current technology, this clock’s movement is a huge improvement over the clocks of the 18-19th century. At the price point, this is a great value.

It’s a nice size for the wall and very lightweight. Of course, close up you can see that it’s not made of real wood, but on the wall, it looks great, doesn’t look cheap at all. For the price, you can’t go wrong. This clock will completely change the ambiance of your room for the better, I’m so happy with it!


9-Oldtown Clock Home Decor:

Oldtown Clock Home Decor
Oldtown Clock Home Decor

The decor wall clock is simply-made and modern in design and will match many pieces of modern furniture or another decor you have on your wall. Tired of having a boring wall? This wall clock will still fit right in! The wall clock only needs a simple AA battery, which is not included. Nevertheless, this wall clock is worth it as an addition to your contemporary or industrial space, in our book!

Antique Weathered Hand Scraped Black Washed Stain; Glittery Gold Iron Frame on Solid Fir Wood Wall Clock. The glittery gold looks matte during the day and flashy at night with lights on it! 100% silent noiseless non-ticking with see-through gears movement design. This wall clock is an amazing wall decor idea for farmhouse.


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