Designing your Own Kitchen – What You Need to Know

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kitchen decor ideas
kitchen decor ideas

You need food to live and a kitchen to make that food. That is as simple as I can put the importance of a kitchen in your house. To have a well-designed kitchen is to make your experience of making food pleasurable. Moreover, a well-designed kitchen will sort through all issues of ventilation, storage, drainage, and convenience. This is in contrast to traditional kitchens that were thought of only as places to make food, be it a pleasurable experience or not, whereas a modern kitchen is thought of also as a place that brings together the entire family.

So, where do You Begin?

But with this modern importance attached to a kitchen, there is also a complexity to designing a kitchen. Not only is it one of the most exciting phases in designing a house, but also often the most expensive. Here are some steps that will help you design a kitchen:

·        What Do You Need?

Every kitchen is not the same. Every kitchen depends on the needs of the family that lives in the house. As a result, even in houses built with the same design, you might find that several families renovate the kitchen to meet their own needs. This means it is that much more important to think about what you need in designing a kitchen. You must think about everything from how much storage you need to whether you want to fit the fridge inside the kitchen to the appliances that you might want plugging into whether you want the counters to also serve as tables for lunch and dinner. All this will give you perspective into what your kitchen might look when completed.

·        Plumbing, Ventilation, and Lighting:

In your initial idea, you probably figured out that you will need a sink, what you need to figure out here is where the sink will go. Everything else will fall into place once you have figured out the sink space and the plumbing that will go with it. When deciding a sink, you should also consider the type of tap you use, whether it is a swing-out tap or a fixed one. Moreover, you should decide about your ventilation, whether you want a simple exhaust or a hood space over your stove. This will also bring you to deciding where your stove will be and whether it will come with an oven and microwave.

Lighting is also an important decision. In addition to primary lights, secondary lights on your stove and eating spaces are popular and give your kitchen an aesthetic appeal. Moreover, having a window for natural light is one of the best things that you can do for the beauty of your kitchen.

·        Your Workspace

But a kitchen is only as good as space it provides you to work. When there are people waiting at the dining table, there really is no time to waste. You just move about frantically trying to get things done. It is for this time that you make sure that the workspace and the walkways have adequate space for you to move around. Otherwise, all your kitchen will be about is breaking crockery and spilling food and water all around; clearly not a great way for operating your kitchen.

Final Word and Special Considerations:

Given that every home is different, it is not necessary that you strictly follow the steps above. Moreover, it is always great to think about the environment when you do build a kitchen and revolve around a kitchen that is friendly for recycling products and makes use of them.

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