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Christmas is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful times of the year and is when families take advantage of decorating their homes with large signs, Christmas trees, and other accessories. However, many people keep the same decorations year after year and do not know what to do to innovate the decoration of the walls of their homes. But this won’t happen anymore because we bring you several DIY ideas for decorating Christmas walls.

1.DIY Christmas wall decoration with wreaths :

Christmas wreaths are usually placed in the same places, but an excellent way to make use of them is by placing 5 wreaths of different sizes on a wall. Another DIY idea to decorate a wall with wreaths is to place a tree branch stuck to the wall and place the wreaths on it.

2.Christmas entrance wall with DIY decoration:

A decorated entrance wall can mean a lot during the Christmas season. To do this you can have your own DIY wall decoration ideas and use anything you have at home that is allusive to the season; snow globes, mini Christmas trees, “Merry Christmas” letters, wreaths, berry branches and anything else that can make an impression.

3.Christmas Tree Set:

A great idea for DIY wall decoration is to fill this one with different Christmas trees. You can use colored paper to cut them out and stick them on the wall to form a tree pattern with different colors.

4.Gifts on the wall:

If you thought gifts for decoration were always placed on the floor, it’s time you learned this new DIY idea for putting gifts on the wall. This is a gift wrap, with the colors green and red, which characterize the Christmas season and can be hung on the wall like a painting.

5.Rustic White Christmas Tree Signs in Wood:

Trees painted with white paint on wooden boards are a nice DIY idea to decorate Christmas walls. You can hand paint them in simple styles and then hang them on the walls to decorate. You can give them some touches with gold or silver to draw more attention.

6.Wall decoration with DIY Christmas paintings:

Using flat pictures to stick on the wall is a fairly simple and nice idea. All you have to do is find the pictures that catch your eye and stick them on the wall so that they stand out and give a Christmas atmosphere.

7.Letters of Joy:

For a few years now several people have been using letters to decorate their homes, but this has become a good DIY idea for Christmas wall decoration for this 2020. You can make these letters yourself using cardboard or other similar material, and you can combine it with garlands and other accessories.

8.Giant Christmas Garland :

With the help of a hula-hoop, you can make your own giant garland and decorate it as you see fit. Not only will you have a giant wreath, but you can decorate it according to your taste, although we recommend that you use a mesh of yarn and different natural aromatic leaves.

9.DIY Joy Sign:

At Christmas, it is common to see the word Joy everywhere, and this is seen because Christmas brings joy to the family and everyone who knows how to enjoy it. You can make your own JOY poster on a wooden board by painting the letters but replacing the O with a ring of balls covered with fabric.

10.Christmas Gallery Wall:

The DIY idea of making a Christmas Gallery Wall is to make it near the Christmas tree. To make it, small symbols, accessories, paintings, and other decorations are used, such as a small sled, wreaths, posters, a vase or pot that can be hung on the wall and any other things you want to add.

11.Big Star with Letters:

A different DIY idea is to use a big star and paint it a dark color and then engrave letters in bright colors like gold. You can write Merry Christmas or any phrase that refers to the Christmas season.

12.Holiday Holly Wall:

An easy DIY Christmas wall decoration is to make simple crafts with paper, synthetic materials that simulate bird or bee nests, or cardboard to make the leaves. This DIY idea is quite simple and serves to decorate walls for events or houses.

13.Wall Christmas Tree:

The ideas for making a DIY Christmas tree can be endless, you don’t have to limit yourself to redesigning your old Christmas tree or making a new one. Just try to use characteristic Christmas accessories and decorations such as ornamental balls, green or dry branches, logs or wooden boards, and any other material you can think of to make an original Christmas tree.

These are just a few DIY ideas for decorating Christmas walls. But if you have a wide imagination you will be able to create the best styles to make your walls look modern and different every year. If you’ve kept the same d├ęcor for decades, take a chance on decorating your wall DIY this 2020 and do something different.  

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