Amazing wall decoration stickers ideas

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The new trend of home decoration has changed throughout the years, however, the stickers to decorate the walls are something that has remained from years ago, and in our section.

Here we will show you the best stickers you can use depending on the space where you want to place them.

However, first, you have to know exactly which stickers are for decoration and Amazing wall decoration stickers’ ideas.

Which are the stickers:

 They are first vinyl stickers, considered as a type used on any surface because they are durable and resistant to any texture. So much so that he has given the position to one of the best interior design elements. In addition to the price and accessibility, it has, as well as the practical use to place them.

Starting from this, another curious aspect of this type of material is that it is totally flexible, a plastic. You can use this type of material in the kitchen, living room, rooms, bathrooms among other rooms.

Another feature that makes them fun and one of the most requested, is the size they possess, as large being can cover the entire wall leaving a spectacular relief in addition to decorating only with one of these a room.  So if you’re interested in this, stay with us to learn more about this kind of paper.

Another type of stickers that we can find to decorate is the one that partially covers the walls, however, they are usually confused with the stickers mentioned above, so, to clarify, the figurine style stickers are generally small, they can be figures, small flowers and even dolls, besides they can also come in the form of motivational letters and one of the other with relief.

So knowing this, we’ll move on to the most important thing, how this kind of sticker is used and how we should use it in our home.

How to use them:

To place this type of stickers it is advisable to clean the walls beforehand, however, if you want to paint them first, you must wait for them to dry evenly to place the stickers.

With regard to stickers, we need to make sure that the alignment we want is the right one, as there will be no turning back to the moment we don’t like it at the end where it goes. Being complicated because it tends to be difficult to remove without breaking up in the process.

Once you have dried the surface you want to use, let’s remember that it is purchased with a transparent film that allows easy handling. Now to start the process.

With respect to the use of the stickers full of vinyl it is advisable to go sticking a little at the base with the help of a roller or something to press the material in well since we have to ensure that from the air, it is believed raised bumps and the bumps look to be in bad taste.

How to Apply a CRICUT VINYL Wall Decal

Ideas to decorate with stickers vinyl:

The possibilities and ideas for these adhesives are varied and extensive; this is because they can be placed in any room as mentioned above.

Colored vinyl:

These adhesives are usually ideal for any surface and thanks to the solid colors without having to choose to spend on paint pots that may then not stick properly on the surface.

Another aspect to consider is that this type of paper can come in various shapes and colors so they are ideal if you want, for example, to have a country-style decoration, you can opt for some flower adhesives to make that allusion.

Vinyl for children’s rooms:

If your child is a cartoon fan, these stickers will be the best choice for you, they come in various types such as princesses, animals, flowers, teddy bear decoration among others. You can choose to decorate a single wall and paint the rest of these with some color that fits the chosen label.

Stickers for any surface:

In case you don’t want to use it for the walls of your home, you can use the stickers to decorate the doors of your home, a good idea for this is to place figures that fit the tastes of each member of the home.

If in such a case the sticker is for your own room, you could use some shaped like flowers, candlesticks, even those that are a decoration of a cage with Flying Birds. In the case of boys, they can be CAR figures with relief or frost and for the girls of the House stars or hearts frosted.

It’s just a matter of taste, every member of the family has one in particular, if you have something in mind you can use it in the decorations, always in the Home stores you will get any sticker you like, it’s just a matter of looking for it; if you have any idea you want to share you can also tell us without any problem.

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