Large wall decor ideas for living room

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Large wall decor ideas for living room
Large wall decor ideas for living room

Walls, walls, and more walls; one of the things that are most exhibited in a home, of different colors, textures and perhaps with some tasteful upholstery that you have found in some decoration store.

However, when it comes to high walls it is usually quite a challenge, either for not having a clear idea of what objects to place, whether it would be too much to put prints on or if the room is too small to fill them with so many things that can create the allusion of tight objects to each other.

This is where we enter, our site offers a wide variety of ideas and councils to decorate your home, in that case, we will focus on the large wall decor ideas for the living room. These are ideas that you can adapt for yourself, as well as make a mix between some ideas and thus satisfy an approximate of your tastes. 

Ideas for large walls:

As mentioned above, there will be a series of tips that we consider ideal to be able to decorate depending on the large wall decor ideas for living room, it is not true and you can pass these, but we think opportune, if in such case it is on our blog, serve it and apply it in your home. for wall decoration:

Living Room Wall Refresh | Grid Photo Wall

A good way to decorate the large wall decor ideas for living room is using photographs; that is to say, you can use pictures with the same frame and go to them in a sort of mural and decorate any of the walls of your living room, this will make an illusion of space at the same time that you create depth, you can also choose to use lights to create an illuminated space.

In addition, this is a new trend that artists are using, as it creates a minimalist effect of anyone’s envy. So, if you want something modern, this will be a good choice for you.

2.Painted white walls:

Wall painting designs for living room | interior painting ideas

The white color can make the difference in your living room, you can choose to paint the whole area white and create a modern space; besides, you can choose to buy black leather furniture and accompany it with a white or glass table.

If you’re a fan of the modern, this will be the right thing for you.

3.Vivid colors in objects to decorate:

If, on the other hand, you’re not a fan of neutral colors, you can choose to buy animal or figurine pattern couches, or just buy some furniture with bright colors like Yellow, King or red-blue.

However, to use some type of stamping on furniture, you must keep a neutral color on the walls so that there is no color overload.

Wall lamp decoration ideas:

Wall lamp decoration ideas:

Lamps can be a good choice for the decoration of a home, among these the walls of the living room can be a good choice and more if these are large, you can use chandeliers in The Shape of candelabra or those falling cascade style if on the contrary your living room is large you can illuminate every corner of the four walls covering the room.

You can also use large central lamps to cover the entire ceiling, this will create great lighting in the room.


As mentioned in the previous sections, furniture is usually a fundamental part of our living room, so it can be a good way to change the space in your living room, how? Simple, you can place them in a corner of the room, being the three units in the center of the room and the other two or in its default the other piece of furniture above, place it at some end of the living room.


allows other decoration objects to breathe, including furniture. Make sure they have room for everyone so it doesn’t look all tight, even if the room is small, you have to make sure it’s overloaded. Get rid of the furniture you don’t use and leave the ones you really use. Because if you give him the space they require, even if there are few of them, you will have a harmonious living room free of anything that doesn’t look good. However, this advice should only be used in small rooms, it can be applied without any problem to the decoration of rooms of any size and style, the important thing is to know how to implement it.

We hope that this will help our new interior decorators, as indicated, we hope that you can make a mixture of all and create wonderful spaces of personal stability, or for any member of your family, the important thing is to have fun.

In addition, you can also use some of the ideas you have had in mind and why not, share them with us, we will be happy to read your suggestions and share ideas with you.

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