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Many people like to keep the walls of their house with certain decorations, pictures, and other accessories to decorate the house a little. However, the easy homemade wall decoration ideas can be many. In the end, you can always do something that catches your eye and you like to have your house or a part of it with a characteristic style. If you have no idea how to make a decoration in your house, or you think you are going to spend a lot of money, here are some easy wall decoration ideas for you to save a little more.

1.Decorate Walls with a Vertical Garden, Flowers or a Picture of Succulents:

Vertical Succulent Garden – Watex Expandable Green Wall

If you are a nature lover, you will love any of these ideas and you can do it yourself. If you have succulents in various corners of the house, you can also have them placed on a wall in your house. You can use a picture of geometric figures made of wood. This type of arrangement can be placed on any wall in the house, it is easy to do and cheap.

Following the natural ideas to decorate home walls and to decorate a complete wall, you can establish an artificial vertical garden on it. Simply find those plants you like and fix them directly on the wall, or place a wooden plate or some resistant material so that it can hold the garden.

You can even give it a different touch, but just as cheaply and easily with artificial flowers. It really is a cheap and easy wall decoration idea. You can use fabrics and some white glue to stick the flowers on the wall without having to make a mess.

2.Decorate Walls with Folders:

One way to save money on decorating a wall is to apply this easy DIY wall decoration idea, which will allow you to put those old clip files that have been stored so long to good use. You can take several of them, place some image, photograph or item that attracts you and simply hang them on the wall, the more you place the better, just make sure they are well aligned between them and with the wall.

3.Decorate Walls with Perforated Panel :

Modern Diy Wall Panels

Perforated panels are a homemade wall decoration idea that might appeal to fans of the Nordic theme. It is a shelf made with a perforated panel that gives a great feeling when it is placed. You can use any kind of elements; wooden boards, slats, plants, etc.

4.Decorate walls with Wooden Clock:

DIY Modern Wooden Clock 

If you like simple and elegant, a wooden clock painted with paper is something that will give a different touch to any wall in your house. Obviously the clock will not cover the whole wall unless you put several clocks, which can be excellent, but it all depends on you and what you have at hand. This homemade wall decoration ideas for living room is ideal, you only need wood, leather to make the strip, the clock mechanism, which you can recycle from another clock you have at home, and wallpaper.

5.Decorate walls with Geometric Shaped Garlands:

Origami wall decor 

Simply cut out colored cards with geometric shapes, attach them with a string or cord, and you’re done. Several of these strips hanging on the wall can change the view of the house is a great way.

6.Decorate walls with Clay Stars:

DIY Moon and Stars – Clay Wall Hanging

Clay is an ideal material to make any kind of shape that can resist for a long time, but an easy wall decoration idea is to make some star shapes, paint them white and hang them on a dry branch. This is a homemade wall decoration idea for the bedroom, as the little ones might love it.

7.Decorate walls with Mirrors:

Diy Wall Mirror Decor For Homes Inexpensive

A cheap and easy wall decoration idea is to use a round mirror, a thick wooden board in the shape of a circle, and a strap that serves to hang the mirror on the wall. With just these three materials you can decorate a wall, either at home or at work, to give a unique style, and you can also look at it to get dressed.

8.Decorate with Shelves:

DIY wall Shelves decor idea

Shelves have always been an easy homemade wall decoration idea, but one should not exaggerate with the size of holes. After all, it’s all about giving style and personality to the walls of the house. With a small board, strips of rope that contrast with the media and a metal ring to collect the ropes, these shelves can be fixed on the wall at different heights to give different styles.

9.Decorate with Inspiring Signs:

Decorate with Inspiring Signs

Nowadays in many homes, offices, and businesses, you can see the famous writings on vinyl, but these prints can be expensive in most cases. However, if you want to place motivational phrases on the wall of your house you can do so using small wooden strips painted with chalk paint, string, and other material you require. You can also choose to write phrases or words in modern or classic colors and styles.

These are several easy homemade wall decoration ideas that you can use to redecorate your home or give a different touch to your walls. Start innovating your home with styles like these or simply create your own original style and give your home innovation.

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