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Many times we start decorating the house but we forget about the bedrooms, although perhaps it is because we do not know how to make them stand out and recover their energy. It turns out that one way to do this is by decorating some wall in the room, so here are some DIY wall decoration ideas for bedroom, don’t miss them.

1-DIY mirror wall decoration ideas for the bedroom:

DIY mirror wall decoration

Mirrors are not only for looking and grooming but can also be used to give a larger and brighter appearance to a room. If your room is big, you can use this DIY large wall decoration ideas, and install a large mirror that will give originality, spaciousness, and illumination to every corner of it.

2-Photos Diy wall decoration ideas for the bedroom:

DIY Hanging Picture Display 

This is a very original DIY wall decoration idea for the bedroom, as you will use your best photographs or those you like best to hang them on the wall. You can frame them with wooden pictures or simply stick them with glue to remember those trips and incredible moments.

3-Decorate the wall with Art:

12 EASY Diy Wall Art & Room Decoration Ideas 

There are several DIY wall art decorating ideas that make your room wall stand out. You can use different paintings of the same theme, mix the illustrations, abstract art, and contemporary works.

4-Decorate the wall with Different Colors:


A simple DIY wall decoration idea for a bedroom wall is to paint with different colors on the same wall. Whether it’s a combination of two colors or a drawing of your own creations made with intense colors will give a unique style to the room.

5-Decorate the wall with Vinyl:


Vinyl or wallpaper is a great way to give a modern and original style to your room. You can also complement them with other DIY wall decor ideas with paper, making the wall of the vinyl or paper contrast with the other colors and decorations of the room. The pieces of vinyl are really easy to use, you just have to stick them on and they don’t leave any stains or dirt, and you can remove them whenever you want.

6-Decorate with a Brick Wall:

How to create a look a like brick wall

There are several DIY rustic wall decorating ideas, but one of the simplest and most elegant is to leave the same brick wall uncovered. If your room has more than one brick wall we recommend you use shelves and other details to make them stand out and give an original touch to your room.

7-Decorate a Wall with Wood:

DIY Geometric Wood Wall Decor

Many people use wood only for furniture or the floor of houses, but the truth is that a DIY wood wall decor idea is perfect to give an original and natural touch to a room. Covering an entire wall with wood really changes the look of any room. Also, you can use it to hang other decorations or accessories on it.

8-Decorate the wall with Reliefs:

3d wall design relief Mural wall Art

Another DIY dorm wall decoration idea is to make some walls in the room have different reliefs or textures, and if this wall has a light reflection, its effect will be much nicer. They can be geometrical, curved, or just abstract reliefs, but whichever one you choose will surely look great and match the light to vary the style

9-Decorate the wall with Shelves:


A cute DIY wall decor idea is to use shelves or hanging shelves to place your books, medals, dolls and anything else you want to put on them. You can use one or several shelves on the same wall and fill them with your things. This will not only allow you to display them more but will help you to keep them in order.

10-Decorate with a Mosquito Net

If you live in the country or in the area where you live, you can choose to put a mosquito net on your bedroom wall which will not only get rid of the mosquitoes but can also give a decorative touch to the wall and the room. You can implement other DIY wall decor craft ideas to complement this idea, as the mosquito netting is usually installed on the room’s ceiling. So you can use some of the DIY wall decor crafts to hang on the wall and combine them with the fabric.

11-Decorate with a Wall TV:

How to make a TV panel – Wall mount a TV and hide the wires

This is a fairly common DIY wall decoration idea, although most don’t see it that way. Many people have a TV in their room but keep it on a shelf or some other shelf. So you can choose to decorate the wall of the room with a TV, this won’t draw much attention but you should make sure you do it accurately and carefully to avoid accidents.

There are many DIY wall decoration ideas pending, but you’re sure to get some of these to make your room look different. Other DIY ideas you may find are popular vertical gardens, flower arrangements, giant concrete blocks, puzzle boxes, etc. After all, it’s all about innovation and taking another look at our room.

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