7 Canvas wall art ideas for home decorations

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7 Canvas wall art ideas for home decorations
Canvas wall art ideas for home decorations

Canvas wall art is a resource with a rising value in the universe of interior design and decoration. Inspirational phrases, landscapes, portraits, etc. The framed motifs are very diverse and, in practice, they are a decorative element whose aesthetic contribution is unquestionable. Given their versatility, these objects are perfect for any room in the house, from the bedroom to the bathroom, through the kitchen, staircase, living room, dining room…

Another of his approaches is the price and that is that paintings in general are an economic way to decorate walls the home, you can even demonstrate your ideas and try to make a diy canvas wall art reading some tutorials or videos on youtube (although there are proposals adapted to all budgets). Contrary to what it may seem, it is not always necessary to make a multitude of holes to place them along the length and width of the walls, since there are many alternatives to place them in an original way. In this article, we propose a journey through inspiration, through a multitude of tricks and canvas wall art ideas to decorate your home. Let’s go see them!

1.Plan the space on the wall before choosing the canvas:

How to Choose Wall Art Based on Size

The best way to know how the different canvases will be distributed on the wall, or if we make a canvas composition and framed photographs / plates is to preview how they will look once we have them. There are a lot of large canvas wall art that will not fix in some spaces, so we have to look forward on the space we have to put them on.

To do this, we write down the measurements of the different paintings or canvases and temporarily mark them on the wall where they are to be placed. We can put a bit of tape or washi tape simulating the square or rectangle or if you prefer something more consistent, cardboard or folios the size of the paintings.

This is also a good way of not losing perspective if we do not order the entire block of paintings, poster or canvas at the same time and we make the gallery in stages, because we will replace the folios or marks with the final painting but always with the composition.

2.Do not be afraid of blank wall:

Canvas wall art

When planning the space that our canvas gallery will occupy, you should not be afraid to leave enough space so that the room oxygenates and does not look bad.

Too many canvas or a combination in a single room looking like a complete gallery make the room too overloaded and none of the elements end up standing out and the whole space will have a chaotic aspect.

3.Group canvas of the same theme:


When choosing the canvas to put on, it can help you to have photographs of the same theme, shades or similar style because it will give harmony to the composition in an organic way and will make the job of choosing much easier.

If they are your own photos they can all be from the same session or from a trip, and so it is easy to find those similar shades.

This kind of composition is the one you are looking for interiors, There are a lot of canvas wall art for living room options on several stores which are already combined to put on the walls.

4.Textures canvas wall decoration ideas:


Another very nice and more abstract alternative is to apply different textures to your canvas wall art it is pretty nice. You can choose different or similar textures from each other in the same range of colors.

This option is original to hang on the walls of your kitchen, for example, the canvas wall art for kitchen will have motifs related to food, healthy nutrition or instead a beautiful landscape with flowers in different textures, in this way, you will be creating a composition of textures in the interior of your home.

5.Canvas wall art on a small shelves:

Create Your Own Floating Frame Wall Art 

The walls are a perfect setting to enrich the decoration of all types of homes but in houses or small rooms, such as the bathroom or the entrance, they have incredible potential. The hallways gain in attractiveness thanks to a decoration based on canvas arranged on small shelves placed along the wall. The richness of the proposal is evident and, despite the large number of canvas that you can extend along the entire corridor, the only holes to be made on the walls correspond to the installation of the shelves.

6.Split images canvas wall art:

How to Hang Our 5 Panel Canvas Wall Art

The motifs that give life to your paintings will determine, to a large extent, their ability to attract the viewer’s gaze. However, beyond their originality, you can always add a touch of creativity with unconventional proposals. It is about dividing a single image into several canvas so that the effect is even more overwhelming.

The canvas wall art for bedroom looks amazing on the walls next to your bed and combining it with your furniture will make a beautiful composition, the idea of ​​choosing an image and fragmenting it into different supports will give your spaces a lot of originality. You can choose for example: a flower, your favorite landscape or a character that you like. In this way, on each canvas there will be a fragment of the chosen image.

By combining all the canvases, you will have assembled the entire image. As a puzzle, you can creatively decorate the walls of your home they look even more stunning when you choose a combination of abstract wall art canvas because they give that mesmerizing feeling when you are submerged into the composition.

7.Colorful Canvas Painting Wall Decor Ideas:

DIY Colorful Tree Canvas Painting Room Decor

Full colors can be very beautiful reflected in the canvas and applied in little colorful spaces. You can choose a color and paint your canvas wall art in the different saturations of it.

For example: English green, olive green, lime green and pastel green. In this way, you can play by creating a composition of canvas deceived in different shades of the same color. You can apply them in a disorderly way on your walls, or in a gradient, following the same line.

Therefore, to express yourself and give your home a unique feeling you can always choose a canvas to put on the wall and make you spaces more beautiful to the sight.

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