7 wall decoration design ideas for home

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7 wall decoration design ideas for home
7 wall decoration design ideas for home

When it comes to decorating the walls of our home, we generally tend to draw with paint on them and make them look unique and likeable to us, then complement it with the furniture and fill the space of our rooms with our beautiful family. Sometimes this traditional approach becomes somewhat flat and a scarce resource or not original and different enough for those who love the unique things. Therefore, if what we want is to give a totally personal and striking touch to our house, we must pick the colors and themes that adequate to our own taste.

Sometimes we pay more attention to the furniture, but we do not have to leave the walls aside, because they are the ones who also have the letter of introduction to any room and of course, to our home. Therefore, if you are looking for some original idea to decorate the walls, it is the perfect time to discover it, because there is life beyond the paintings hanging on the walls, which are always one of the favorites for some people.

If you like to get unique and the most original styles of design on your walls, you will see how decorating them in your home is not really complicated. Do you want to enjoy a good selection of wall decoration design ideas? Keep reading because we have one of the most modern wall decoration design ideas for you.

The possibilities to remove the walls of your house from discreet anonymity are almost endless: the limit is set by your imagination. Here we have gathered 7 interior design wall decoration ideas that fill your walls with life, color, style and character.

1. wall templates for painting :

Stencil A Palm Fronds Tropical Wall 

Whether you want to create a pattern of geometric motifs or you prefer to use isolated elements and you consider yourself a little tricky, you can help yourself with a template to draw directly on the wall what you want, expressing your design with a pencil or markers on which you can then apply the painting you want to get them done and as amazing as you want them to be. There are a lot of templates you can use from animals to planets not only geometric ones, the decision is yours to make it look amazing and suitable to your living room or bedroom.

2.Washi Tape diy  wall decoration :

DIY Washi Tape Wall Decoration

Keeping with the modern diy wall decoration design ideas, Washi Tape is the most versatile decorative technique of recent times. Its possibilities are endless and its applications have no limit. It is an ideal choice for creating geometric drawings, line patterns, overlapping colors and patterns, etc. It is also as easy to apply as it is to remove and leaves no residue on the wall. This technique will give to you interior walls a very elegant touch.

3.Typography wall decor ideas:

DIY Wall Decal | Inspirational Wall Art |

A whole classic among the bedroom wall art design ideas. Both in wall vinyls and in corporeal letters, whether simple or backlit, the typography brings a very personal touch to your bedroom. You can create your own texts or key phrases and breathe your life philosophy into the different areas of your home, you can also write the names of your loved ones, put a beautiful phrase or mantra to your personal life.

4.Chalkboard paint wall design:


Chalkboard paint provides a washable surface to create your own illustrations or phrases directly on the wall, so it is one of the most loveable bedroom wall design ideas because it allows you to express yourself freely each time you want it. It is a very versatile option because of how easy it is to write, erase and redraw to it. Also today its base color is not limited to black; you can get it with almost any base color such as reds, oranges, blues or greens. You can buy it in specialized stores or create it yourself using a mixture of acrylic paint and drywall powder in the appropriate proportions. Once you have painted your bedroom wall with this method use your imagination to make from your bedroom your own book.

5.Paper flowers wall decor design ideas:

Diy Giant Paper Flowers Wall Decor | Room Decor Ideas

For nature lovers, paper flowers are a perfect, perennial and carefree option. They are very easy to make with tissue paper or from special papers and on the internet, we can find a multitude of  DIY paper flowers wall decor tutorials that teach us to make them with a lot of multiple techniques. They can be combined in an artistic mural with an asymmetric and organic line or in the interior of corporeal letters creating different compositions that will make of your wall a pleasantly view to your guests.

6.Vinyl wall art decor ideas:

How to Make a Large Vinyl Wall Decal

One of the most used interior design wall decoration ideas. It is the most stylish decorative detail. Vinyl wall art allow us to make a show from our walls as they get personality and a history. So that we can transform a boring wall into a piece of art itself just with a little change. There are many motifs we can buy from the stores; among the motifs there is always the classic face of famous people or nature ones. The one you will use is going to depend of the type of room and your personal taste.

7.Murals wall decoration ideas:

How to Apply Wall Murals

Along with vinyls, they are another of the great wall decoration design ideas. Because they have a much more realistic result and that is why we love them. There are many online stores that also have them. Murals wall decor usually have a larger size, so in this case they will occupy an entire wall. The most frequent are those that represent nature, either in the color combination where water and grass are the protagonists or, in photos of cities. However, as we say, they will always have the last word.

As you can see the design for wall decoration ideas is up to you, you can choose the one you like the most to complement the walls in your house and make you feel good with yourself, once you have started to make a change on your walls you will not want to stop doing it.

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