7 Modern Wall Decor With Frame Ideas For Home

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7 Modern wall decor with frame ideas

Decorating wall with photos frame is a resource of creativity and a regular economic thing that I love. However, between doing it in a balanced and beautiful way to make a messy churro, there is only one step, and is that there must be a balance if we want a pleasant result. There may be so many formulas and tastes to decorate walls with photos as people, but in this article I propose several alternatives that work, I’m sure you can take several ideas and do wonders to your home and family frame wall decor.

 However, it should be emphasized that they are examples and not all, but I would like you to stay with the main ideas to build your own design. And if after reviewing these ideas you have doubts about which frame to use for your photos, I propose 7 wall decor with frame ideas.

There are a wide variety of ways to do it, not necessarily have to be the walls of your room, they can also be those that are close to the stairs, the kitchen, and even our bedrooms.

1.Decorate Stairs with photo frame wall:

How to hanging picture frame wall on a staircase

In this case we will talk about a curious and interesting topic, maximalism; basically it is defined as a return to the past, as if you were at your grandparents ‘ house in the past, and it is something that must be well understood.

That is, we must consider that we cannot put anything, because the main Harmony will be lost and we will end up making a mess.  That is why one of the possibilities that fits in a style is: maintain and retain the same line of photos. In this design, they are drawings of plants, birds or objects, and mostly with a white background. In addition, the combination of two colors that perfectly complement each other as gold and black highlight their content. The corner of a staircase, as a concept of ‘dead’ space is a good place to dare with maximalism family frame wall decor.

2.Wooden frame wall decor ideas:

This is one of my favorite styles for wall decor frame art, sincerely gives them a unique and very elegant look. On a smooth white wall, the minimalism and warmth provided by fine wooden frames, result in a Nordic style and highlight the power of photos, certainly a unique combination and pleasing to the eye. So, to make the effect even more powerful, choose a few photos of your trips in black and white. Beaches, seas or horizons are very good options as seen in the photo. You will have an explosion of images that will give the feeling that you are traveling again.

3.Picture Frames wall decor on shelves:

Picture frame Shelf Set wall decoration- Easy DIY Project

If you are looking for a comfortable way to decorate your home wall decor with frame and photos, you are in the right place, here you have found your ideal way. Placing a horizontal line of photos with their frames on a shelf does not require more work. As you will already have noticed by the rest of styles, the trick is to keep the same hue of the photos seems key to achieve a pleasant effect on the decoration. I warn, there is also room for color, but it is true that black and white are less burdensome colors when it comes to small spaces.

4.Make a decorative map with frames and photos:

How To Make a Picture Frame for a Scratch Map

This combination of travel photos around a kind of frame in the form of a map seems to me an impressive and striking idea. The world map is metallic and purchased. The photos depict travel around the world. In addition to evocative, it is a great way to sum up the best moments of your getaways around the world. The homogeneity of the style and the beautiful visual impact is achieved by the Black of the frames, as well as the metallic black of the world map.

Instead of around the map, you can split the photos inside the map. I like the first option more, but if your idea is something more casual, the below is a very suitable option for second rooms or dorm rooms.

5.Celebrities pictures frame wall decor:

Celebrities pictures frame wall decor
Celebrities pictures frame wall decor

If you are a fan of music and television, art and film, this will be your ideal section.  If you keep a certain Teen Spirit and do not want to be tacky using the typical posters, I recommend this format of wall decoration with photos. Choose portraits of your favorite celebrities or artists, move them to black and white (although you’ll probably find them already) and print them to the same size to place them in equal frames of black frame. I imagine a corner of the house where you listen to your songs or see your favorite movies and across the street, this celebrity Museum.

6.Wide frames of different sizes to decorate the wall:

How to Create a Modern Frame Wall Decor

They may not be to the liking of many, but clearly the wide frames wall decoration  give much to wish for, if you know how to work with them. Possibly, because in small or medium photos, remove prominence to the photo and I really like photography. However, the effect that wide frame formats create is powerful. Mix several complementary colors and you will get a very result on a wall.

7.Gallery Frames Wall Decor :

How to Create a LARGE GALLERY FRAMES WALL Under $50!! Cheap & Easy DIY

One thing to consider before doing this, is that we should not abuse our space, if in such a case your walls are not high ceiling, we recommend that you do not use this type of ideas, as they are usually very charged, and it is necessary to use a wider wall.

 In houses with high ceilings, a maximalist style of decoration with photos, manages to move us to an art gallery. That, of course, if you make a selection of photos, drawings and pictures with some taste. In the maximalist style it is worth combining different types and sizes of frames. Another important thing is to delimit your maximalist space. If you pass, you will become Diogenes.

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