Creative Vintage Wall Decor Ideas for Home

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Creative Vintage Wall Decor Ideas for Home
Creative Vintage Wall Decor Ideas for Home

If you see a work of art in an old and worn piece of furniture, vintage wall decor is for you, even if you like pastel colors on the walls of your home. With it you can fill your rooms with an air of antiquity and elegance, but also dynamism and freshness.

Here the classic meets the modern touches of industrial style, and who achieves this wonderful aesthetic, it is you, only with your tastes and skills to leave in every corner the seal of your personality, so do not be afraid to risk and dare to give that unique touch to your home.

I’m sure you dream of a nice, comfortable house that reminds you of your grandmother’s. Don’t look for a place like this, make your home that place. Here we will offer you vintage wall decor ideas to inspire you and create your own style of decoration on your walls and even with the help of other things to reinforce. You have all the tools to do it, so get to work.

One important thing to consider is that accessories are the most important thing in this case. In the vintage these will highlight the scenery, and that is where you will put your personal brand. Choose just the right ones to reinforce the style and impact it. So we will give way to the complement so that your walls look much more alive and beautiful.

1.Plants Wall Decor Ideas:


Plants are synonymous with freshness, so place them in each of your rooms, even in the kitchen wall they look great. Put one on the coffee table, on the wall shelf, or in that corner that you feel is missing something. It’ll be perfect there. Highlight them even more with a wicker or bronze mater. If you really want them to be the sensation, incorporate a vertical garden, plants wall decor is amazing for bedroom your room will be the favorite place to relax and chat peacefully with your family.


2.Cushions Wall Art:

How To Make 3D Wall Art Decor Using Cushions

 cushions are practical, economical accessories that in the blink of an eye give a total change to your environment. You can use them in the shape and size you want, in warm colors or contrasting with the scenery. Play by mixing the prints, bring life to the chair you like. You want something original? Take some pallets and put some pillows and cushions on them. You will have a very cozy furniture for your living room. Instead, to decorate your walls with cushions, you can place some boards to create a kind of shelves to make it look better and more stylized. you can also put some lace fabrics to the coins, that will give a unique vintage wall decor and wonderful finish.

Try something different in your rooms: vintage curtains in your Windows. If you want to keep the classic style, opt for ones that are within the base colors of the decor, but if you want something bolder use a fabric with a print from the 60s, with floral designs in full color. Only with this accessory will you give your room an explosive change

3.Vintage Paint Wall Decor Ideas:

Vintage Paint Wal Decoration| How to make a patinated wall that looks like concrete

Imagine the living room of your dreams. Those colors you see are just the ones you need in your vintage decor. It’s about your environment looking like you, that every time someone sees the walls of your home they see you, so you must be yourself and not use some color that you think will be better. For that you only have to adjust your tastes to the characteristics of the style.

If you are attracted to colors such as emerald green, deep blue or turquoise, you will have to use them in accessories, because in this style light shades predominate in the environment. But … if you love bright colors, then use gradients as the basis of decoration.

If the living room is small, you can use the range of white and Gray on the walls and ceiling, to give the feeling of spaciousness and freshness of this style.

4.Vintage Texture Fabrics Wall Decor:

Vintage Texture Fabrics Wall Decor

This is from my best vintage wall decor for living room. Adding textures to your spaces enriches them, you inject energy and help each of your elements shine. You have several ways to do it: start with your walls. You can place them wallpaper wall decor, texturize them with special paint or hang a retro picture, where geometric figures will make the visual effect you need, in the textures of the walls are from flowers, pictures, and drawings.

On the other hand, the fabrics are your great allies, with them you will achieve everything you imagine. Whether it’s cushions, carpets or curtains, you can use anything from Raw to velvety textiles. In this section we recommend thicker curtains, and with lace. If you play with floral or geometric prints, the dynamism will reign in your room. Just be careful not to use many different textures, you can recharge the atmosphere and thus lose the harmony you need.

5.Sconce Lamp Wall Decor:

DIY Elegant Wall Sconce Lamp Home Decoration

Sure you’ve done an excellent job with colors, furniture and accessories, but if you don’t properly illuminate the environment, none of this will be appreciated. Use your excellent taste and choose Sconce lamps whose design, size and color enhance your living room and complement the cozy atmosphere you already have.This is a perfect rustic vintage wall decor idea for bedroom,living room,kitchen and bathroom The alternatives are many: you can place a pendant lamp geometric style as in the 60s or a glass on the side table. Whatever you choose will be perfect.

Cheap Ideas for a vintage wall decor:

One of the good things about this style is that the objects you had stored for years will now come to life. In addition, with a touch here and another there you can transform them into very new decorative elements.

For a romantic night, be original. Look for those metal funnels that you have in store, put some candles on them and impress everyone.

If you’re a football lover and have a shirt from your team from past seasons, frame it and hang it on the wall. You can also place your old suitcases as shelves. Everyone will love it.

Tables are important, but don’t use the common ones, create yours. Paint a door, put it in your kitchen, add chairs and eat! Those tires you just changed are good for you too. Decorate them and use them as a coffee table in your patio. A retro touch: take an acetate disc and transform it into a spectacular side table, your living room will look amazing in this detail.

All of these vintage wall decor ideas will help you bring the warmth and romanticism of vintage wall decor. As you can see, you can also mix it with the industrial style and the results will be simple and beautiful. You will be able to find the necessary balance to combine the elements, your personality will guarantee you success.

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