Best 8 Floating Shelves Wall Decorating Ideas

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8 Floating Shelves Wall Decorating Ideas
8 Floating Shelves Wall Decorating Ideas

One of the things that usually give us a series of headaches, is the fact that not knowing where to put each of the utensils that we usually occupy in our homes, such as: Where to put your books, plants pictures, sculptures, memories and more? The idea of decorating with our most precious objects is not new, in fact, we usually do it very often; a shelf provides the surface you need to fill your walls of visual interest.

To organize and decorate any environment, a shelf is the best complement. There are many shapes, sizes, colors and styles, so it is something that can be adapted to all spaces in your home.

Look at these great ideas for shelves wall decorating ideas and also decorating the shelf itself, you will surely find many solutions for that empty wall where you were not sure what to put.

1.Geometric Shelves Wall Decor:

53 Best Creative DIY Geometric Shelves Ideas 

If you have in mind to use a large space that you have in the House, whether it be a room, your bedroom, the walls of the living room, kitchen, whatever you find, the use of the floating shelves wall decor would be ideal, honestly, I would bet on several, and more the new geometric style that is being used lately.  With this type of hanging shelves would give a new way to see the walls of your home, and give a creative contrast that revives them.

DIY Geometric Triangle Shelves | Wall Decor Ideas

Another aspect to consider is how it is treated how to decorate them, and play with the spaces between several of the floating shelves wall decor, this will give an interesting perspective to the ideas of wall decoration.

2.Floating shelves in different size:

Diy Hexagon Shelves Wall Decor

The same shelf model that you have incorporated, in different dimensions and forming part of a mural composition, can give you results as integrated as harmonious to the space. Decorating with conventional wall shelves or the same color as the wall will lead to more linear results.

3.Library Shelves Wall Decor:

45+ Awesome Library Room Ideas Designs

A good idea to give a radical change to your home is the use of a library, so you pray all at the same time you make a fantastic set. You can use the white shelves to decorate an entire living room wall and place all the books you have on them. The colors of the tops will create a beautiful contrast with white.

4.Kitchen Shelves Wall Decor:


who said the kitchen could not be decorated with the best things? decorate the shelves of your kitchen will create a modern and personal effect that will make you the envy of others.  The white shelves are ideal for the kitchen, they will serve you both to store and to decorate the space. Put in them jars of spices, cookbooks, plants only kitchen wall shelf decor ideas… they will fill the kitchen with color and joy.

5.Bathroom Floating Wooden Shelves Wall Decoration:


using wooden shelves wall decor is an perfect idea for small bathrooms as well as for large bathrooms, choose white shelves instead of cabinets, you will gain spaciousness. The best thing you can do is decorate them with baskets so that everything is visibly tidy.

6.Corner Shelves Wall Decor Ideas

use all the corners you can of your house, you have to take advantage of every last corner of these!  Take advantage and place white hanging shelves in any corner, then decorate them with small elements that bring color. Plants are always a good idea. besides, you won’t have to waste space, which is the most important thing.

6.Bedroom Hanging Shelves Wall Decor:

DIY Floating Shelves for bedroom

use your creativity and invent where you could place each of the floating shelves you want. Hang the wooden shelves with different spaces between them, then decorate them with books horizontally and place small pieces on them. In the larger spaces you can place pictures or pictures.

7.Hanging Wooden Shelves For Wall Decor:


the hanging wooden shelves for wall decor are one of the best ways to have the house tidy. They are very comfortable and barely take up space, so they are perfect for storing those objects that we want to have at hand. Best of all, you can do them yourself because their structure is very simple. The plaid hanging shelves take up very little space and function as an exhibitor. To make them you only have to glue three U-shaped boards. We also recommend using earth colors, or simply white if desired

8. Picture Ledges for Book Shelves Wall Decor:

How to Build Picture Ledges for Book Shelves

decorate that dull white wall with floating shelves of the same color, then place on them a composition of open books and photographs. To store put some baskets under the shelves, you can vary even with the tin of books and pictures equally, put flowers and even other objects.

Give a different touch to your walls:

The reduced space may not be very taken into account, either because of its small size or perhaps because of the area where it is located, but we tend to downplay these by the fact that they tend to imply that we should not load them with things that make them look messy and exaggerated. However, it is not really serious, although the place is small we can do wonders by clad them with beautiful and unique decorations.

This does not apply to the decorative as such, because we do not want you to decorate your walls too much just because yes, but we want your space to have a functional environment. And this is where we play with the hanging shelves wall decor, that is, with the help of these shelves you can organize to a large extent the things that occupy the space of your house, so the floating shelves wall decoration will not create inconvenience, but they will solve your space and keep it organized. So go to your nearest market and buy a set of those shelves.

Solitary, but Majestic:

 A single white shelf serves to decorate an entire wall. It is best to combine it with bright colored furniture and decorate it with plants that add dimension.

Without a doubt there are many other ways to use the floating shelves wall decor in your home, however, that is already a matter of taste, if on the contrary you are willing to make an explosive combination, we encourage you to do it, sure it will be beautiful.

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