Best 8 Abstract wall art ideas

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Best 8 Abstract wall art ideas
Best 8 Abstract wall art ideas

When you are designing, the interiors of you house, there are countless ways to decorate the walls, but the most classic, common and useful is to place something abstract on them.

There are decorative paintings, metal art, 3D art, etc, for all tastes and for all subjects: large, small, landscapes, portraits, figurative … Today, however, we want to focus on abstract art, due to their modernity, neutrality, currency and the good they usually look in any wall.

If you are one of those people with a lot of character, their own style and who want their home to reflect their personality, abstract wall art is made for you. Modern and timeless, it combines with any type of style, from minimal, to classic, through to vintage; the secret is in the emotions…

In a world in which everyone has the same plates and commercial reproductions hanging on frames in a thousand ways, betting on original works is a complete decorative revolution.

Within the abstract art, there is also a lot to choose from, both in color and in technique, thickness of the brushstroke, design … so by focusing the shot a little we are going to break down some abstract wall art ideas with which you will be right without hesitation.

1.Paint Abstract wall art canvas:

Paint a Large Abstract Canvas Wall Decor

This is one of the most original and least used options when decorating with abstract paintings. Perhaps because most of them find it strange or think that it will not stand out from the wall. However, if you play with textures or if you insert some other soft color (grays, mauves, blue lines) the result can be spectacular and more relaxing. Abstract wall art canvas like this is pretty much unique because you will make an unique feeling when your visit comes to your place.

2.Abstract wall art Black and white:


Unlike the previous case, abstract black and white painting is one of the most used. It brings elegance and sobriety, but at the same time a lot of character. They are usually paintings that attract attention; everyone will look more than once to it. There are plenty abstract wall art for living room options to choose because this is the place where it is most common used, combined with a black sofa and furniture it will make from you living room a very intimate space.

3.Colored Abstract Art to Decorate A Boring Wall:


In this case, we turn to the opposite side: powerful and colored abstract art to decorate a wall.

Of course, although they say that art is subjective, there are many color paintings and not all decorate the same. A very interesting option is to use monochrome frames (of a single color) even if they contain different nuances from the range…

Another option is to bet on multicolored ranges, although in this case they tend to be better when they create geometric shapes (vertical, horizontal or quadrant stripes, fundamentally) than when they are mixed with spots without rhyme or reason.

Colors will always be an abstract wall art for bedroom choice they look definitely amazing over a plain wall color like white or even black, you bedroom is not going to look the same and will shine once you pick the correct color to combine.

4.Abstract Geometric Design Wall Decoration:

Easy geometric wall art | DIY wall art ideas + tips |

A very common resource also when decorating walls is to use 3D abstract wall art or metal abstract wall art with some type of geometric design. Circles, ellipses, or indefinite irregular shapes are all options that dress any wall very well, this 3D art or metal art if you decide it, definitely will make an amazing moment, it will cause a lot of impact.

5.Abstract Brick Painting Wall Decor Ideas:

How to create a look a like brick wall

Although it does not seem like very original, the smooth of a large abstract wall art is considered one of the best, even though some people think it does not count as abstract art: they are not landscape, they are not portrait, and they are not figurative…

However, this type of paintings at a decorative level are usually spectacular. Most of the time they have light textures to break the monotony of the color, and sometimes the plain one is chosen precisely to contrast with the texture of some wall.

6.Scrawl Abstract Wall Decoration:

Diy Unique wall decor

The works with some kind of scribble or subtle line are also tremendously decorative, apart from adding a lot of character to the wall. For some even, they convey more the feeling of a work of art »than others based on geometric spots.

7.Abstract Textures Wall Decor Ideas:


Another option is paintings that have very marked textures, such as the relief of the lines or the marking of the brush strokes. They are look amazing as abstract wall art for kitchen because it will take a plain and bored wall to a unique and impressive one.

The paintings based on the aesthetics of natural gemstone, with their different metallic or pearl shades, could also be considered textured.

8.Abstract Stained Wall Decor:

Vertically or horizontally, marked or blurred, large or small, the stain is the queen of the abstract painting

Murals abstract wall art are a common resource when using the stain as a technique is to use diptychs in which the direction of the stain continues from one place to another.

In short, as we can see, abstract painting is not one and uniform, there is a whole world of options to choose from according to the size of our wall, the impact we want to create and the tones with which it is decorated.

The secret of abstract art is that it undresses the preconceived forms, that is, it rebels against the reality that our eyes see, to delve into sensations and emotions that are invisible, but that we can all feel. When do you know that a work is for you, that it is worth it? When it makes you feel, when it removes something from within, when it connects with you… Because abstract art only makes sense when the observer observes it, it is then when it comes to life, meanwhile they are only brush strokes and paint.

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