Best 7 wall decor ideas with photos

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Best 7 wall decor ideas with photos
Best 7 wall decor ideas with photos

Family and non-family photographs have the power to awaken in us many feelings and emotions just by looking at them. A nice memory that usually comes with a smile and that can be an ideal element to fill our home with heat, make it more personal and somehow, look that beautiful instant and not leave it simply stored in a drawer. Here I leave the best and brightest ideas to decorate wall with family photos:

If you are one of those who likes to decorate with photos and remember again and again the happiest moments in family, let’s see some brilliant wall decor ideas with photos in an original and fun way.

1.Canvas wall art ideas:


It’s been a few years since customizable canvases came to our homes to decorate walls. You still haven’t thought about dressing up a wall with canvases? The result is very good, both at the print level and the fact of seeing an image without any frames. In addition, you can find abstract wall art canvas not only of fabric but also with metallic or shiny finishes that give a very special effect. An example would be this wall.

2.Hanging cushions wall decor:

How to DIY Instagram Photo Transfer Pillows

With regard to trends, there is nothing written, we always change and add new ideas to our lives, and cushions are the new fashion, and more when it comes to the trend of photographic cushions. Animals and landscapes have been imposed on textiles that adorn beds and sofas, but… what if we add our personal touch? Look for the best pictures of your family and create a nice mix of black and white cushions that maintain a harmony What do you think the idea? Well selected images and a base that serves as a link between the different photos, as could be the same chromatic range, will provide a very interesting decorative effect.

So cheer up and create these wonderful memories together with your family

3.Crystals with hints of unique memories:

Turn Your Photos into Beautiful Wall Decor | Fracture

Glass containers can be the perfect element to decorate a shelf, the top of a piece of furniture or the base of the fireplace with an original composition.

We can choose a simple photograph or also collect some memories inside, the option to incorporate some light can also be good to add a more magical and special point wall art decor ideas with photos.

3.Wall decor with frames on ledges:

A trend that is very fashionable is to place the frames on narrow shelves. It is a resource that fits very well and you saw the wall with a different touch than hanging the frame directly on the wall: a great idea to do something different in terms of decorating walls.

4.Photo frames wall decor ideas:


Photo frames are a very good ideas to decorate walls. The market offers such a variety of frames that it is sometimes difficult to think of a way to present them on the walls of our home. Here are some ideas:

4.1.Frames of the same material:

Interior Design | DIY Family Photo Gallery | How to hang pictures

An example could be to look for frames of the same material and color, but of different sizes: looking for symmetry when placing the images, you will see how the wall wins in elegance.

4.2.Different frames gallery wall decor:

How to Hang a Gallery Wall – Tips and Tricks

Another idea would be totally the opposite: frames of different sizes, different colors, different materials… this option is perfect if the rest of the decoration is rather sober or minimalist. It gives an eclectic touch that fits very well.

This will give the feeling of contrast with the photographic ones, and a unique and minimalist style as well. So encourage yourself to make these amazing photo decorations hand in hand with amazing frames.

5.printed photos wall decoration:

Photo Wall Prints Wall Decor idea

With the new arrival of the mobile it is not surprising that the photographs are getting more and much faster to get. How many times have you thought about revealing them so you can decorate walls with them! You can do it now, even directly from your Instagram photos. There are several web pages that allow you to print your Instagram images: you can create a unique wall decoration for your home.

Tips: This is an Amazing bedroom wall decor ideas with photos

6.Place retro photographs on the wall forming a single image:

DIY Wall Art | One Picture Multiple Frames!

As a puzzle, another creative way to decorate the walls can be deconstructing an image, so that by joining several snapshots can be seen in its entirety. We think this is really cool wall art decor ideas with photos, actually.

7.Large with murals wall decoration:

How to instal Wall Murals

Whether it’s a stairwell, a separator walls or a column… have you thought about lining the wall of images? It is a decorative technique that looks great, although you must be careful. If you have a wall full of photos or frames, try to breathe the rest of the walls. Also, the background of the wall is also important: try to be neutral colors, the result will be much more shocking and original. So you could vary the decorations a little bit, and risk something bigger and occupy a greater breadth of your walls.

Thanks to the photographs we can immortalize moments of our life and remember them at any time by just looking at them. Despite the fact that social networks offer us a lot of services to save them, it is normal that we want to have them printed to make sure that they are never going to be lost, wishing to have them many times within sight so that they cheer us up day by day.

We hope you like all the things we show you here, encourage and create new things with your photos. Remember that you can merge several of these ideas with your decorations, it’s just a matter of creating a unique and beautiful harmony.

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