Butterfly Wall Decor ideas and tips

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Best Butterfly Wall Decor ideas and tips

Butterflies are recognized as one of the most beautiful and attractive to the eye insects, the butterfly is a lepidoptera (order of the animal world that includes both butterflies and moths and that describes those insects with the wings in the form of scales) and is without a doubt one of the most abundant insects on the planet. It is considered that there are around more than 160 thousand different species of them on Earth. Butterflies wings are one of the most beautiful things on nature, they can be from several color and shapes, this little insect bring joy and happiness to people when they see it fly.

This amazing insect is used to decorate different spaces in the home. Adding butterflies to decorate your home walls is excellent for adding a romantic feel to modern interior design. Bringing them into your house decoration enhance the beauty of your spaces because they are the symbols of love and joy so it romanticizes home interiors. According to decorating recommendations, adding butterflies to your interior home walls decoration improves your life and make all of your dreams come true.

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In almost every home walls are always empty, lacking some decotarion and uniqueness and there is always space for experiment with some decoration. Decorating your walls using butterfly wall art decor ideas can bring another different atmosphere in your house. These decor ideas can make a difference and beautify your home in a cheap way but it will look flawless. These butterfly wall decor ideas are very cool for your girls rooms they always love everything related to these cute animal, they are also good for other rooms and walls because there is not enough butterflies once you have started to decorate.

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You can make butterflies of the material you want to use in decorating different spaces in your home. A space with walls decorated with butterflies will look with a more joyful style, with a lot of harmony and a special romantic touch, which makes butterflies special details to decorate a feminine space.

The butterflies are one of the most beautiful animals on the planet for this reason is used to decorate a lot of things as the walls, since it is one of the most visible areas, being the perfect area to give better originality and personality to the decoration. A butterfly wall décor allows you to achieve a great change in any space. You can use butterflies of different materials, in different sizes and in different colors.

How To Decorate The Walls with Butterflies Wall Art:

To make your butterfly wall decor ideas come true, Start by determining which butterfly model you want to use so that you can draw or print it on paper. If you want to have more consistent butterflies you have to use cardboard to print or draw the butterflies.

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Then you have to start cutting out the butterfly, right along the edge of the image. It depends on the style you want to achieve in the decoration, you can use butterflies of different sizes, it all depends on what you want to achieve.

If you want to give butterflies better volume, just bend a little. To do it quickly, use a pencil, place it in the center and fold the part of the wings towards the center. With the use of a pencil the double is prevented from being done incorrectly.

Finally, you just have to completely clean the wall where you want to place the butterflies. You have to start fixing it firmly one by one on the wall. To fix the butterflies you can use tape or some glue. To achieve a good result, it is important to be clear about the composition you want to achieve before starting to fix it. You have different options such as: create a butterfly heart, a group of flying butterflies, many butterflies from different sizes, multicolored butterflies making a rainbow, etc.

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There are a lot of DIY butterfly wall decor tutorials and videos, which can help you to make your ideas come true, so that you can get a very feminine and chic space in your home, which reminds you the forest, and the freedom you feel when you are out there surrounded by beautiful butterflies.

How to make 3D Paper Butterfly wall art | DIY PaperCraft Tutorial

Also if you do not want to do the butterflies by yourself you can always buy an amazing 3D butterfly wall decor from your favorite wall decoration store, there are plenty models and sizes which you can combine with your paintings and furniture to make your place more unique.

Some tips to decorate with butterflies:

To fix the butterflies it is recommended that you use tape or some glue that does not damage the surface of the wall. This is important for when you want to change the wall decoration, you can easily remove the butterflies without damaging the walls.

Be very careful to choose the colors of the butterflies. You can choose a color that stands out in the whole decoration or that simply combines with some details. For example, if you have a white wall, use red or black butterfly wall art decor to make it stand out.

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If you want to decorate the walls with butterflies in a simpler way, you can choose to use decorative vinyl or just use butterfly wall decor stickers which are very cute and look very good on the walls so that they will be ready to put on the walls and you will not have to make them.

There are other ways to make butterfly wall art decor you can always grab some paint and draw your own butterflies on the walls, for this you will have to draw them on pencil first and the use the paint to make them as cute as you want, this way is one of the favorite butterfly wall decor for girls on their rooms because it compliments very well the bedroom walls and even more if they have some more butterfly items like sheets or portraits to combine with it.

butterfly wall decor for girls bedroom

As you can see using a butterfly for wall decor it is one of the most frequent but also beautiful decoration for both bedrooms and interior spaces as livings rooms because it will always makes you feel in peace with yourself.

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