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Interior wall decoration has become an art that is constantly innovating. After all, houses, shops, and buildings are always looking for something new to decorate their walls, and environments in a way that not only looks different but also conveys an intention, and even a feeling. Wooden walls art has become a trend when decorating rooms, salts, and any other part of the structure. However, there are many wall decor ideas to decorate your home interior walls, but here we leave you with some of the most original wood wall decor ideas.

1.Painted Murals Wood Wall Art:

Painted Murals Wood Wall Art
Murals wood wall art decor

photograph by Michael wee

Painted murals wall decor has always shown an abstract wall art and original style on any home, whether around a window or in the middle of a large white wall. But wood surfaces or murals made with wood have become a very popular art decoration in homes. Many people tend to make their own murals around their tastes. However, if you are not a very good designer, you can have someone make a mural with different types of wood, or buy many of the murals wood wall decor that are available in home stores. There are many wooden murals for all styles, whether rustic, vintage, modern, etc. You will surely find one for you.

2.Wood Shelves Wall Decor:

Diy wood shelves wall decor ideas

Another very simple wooden wall decoration idea that can be used to give a different touch to your wooden walls is to place shelves. These can be used to decorate as well as to place books, arrangements, etc. These shelves can be made of different materials; aluminum, glass, or also the wood of different colors. After all, it is from the best bedroom wood wall decor ideas or living room, or any wall in the house. Besides, they are not only an idea to decorate, but they can serve to maintain the order of certain things and provide more comfort when looking for something specific.

3.Modern Wall Clock Wood Decor:

DIY Modern Wall Clock // Diy wood wall decor ideas

Clocks have always been from the amazing wood wall decoration ideas, after all, it not only works to decorate but also gives us the time. That’s why it’s good to know that it shouldn’t be placed just anywhere, let alone any clock because it should match the environment it’s in so that it looks perfect. For a wooden wall it can be ideal to use clocks with a wooden frame, but in a different tone, or also something more modern, but you should always take into account the combination and location of this. You could even embed it in the wooden wall so that it looks like part of the wall.

4.Wood Plaque Sign Wall Decor:

DIY Wood Signs Art| Diy wood wall decor ideas

Wooden signboards or wooden posters with letters or phrases have also become a very fun way to decorate walls. These posters are quite simple to make and put the phrase or letters you want on it. If you prefer, you can go to the store and find the one you like best, but doing it yourself is a fantastic idea you can just search on youtube for some video tutorials: Diy wood signs wall decor ideas. The trick with these posters is knowing where to place them so that they match the rest of the place. These posters are quite simple, decorative and original, so they can provide a fun, romance, grace or inspiration for everyone who comes.

5.Wood Accent Wall Decor:

wood accent wall decor(wood wall decor ideas for living room)

Accent wood wall decor looks good virtually anywhere or in any part of the house where it is made. Decorating an entire wood-covered wall is from the excellent wood wall decor ideas for living room. You can also use different textures to better harmonize the place or even use different colored woods. Reliefs are a very original and eye-catching idea when decorating a wall with a wood accent.

6.Wooden Wall Lamp:

how to make wooden lamp | Modern wooden wall decor

Another very simple modern wooden wall decor idea, lamps are not only used for lighting but they can also decorate a room or a living room, giving it more style. They can also be used to create dramatic effects or make other objects stand out. However, choosing a wooden lamp to place on a wall can be tricky, so it’s always best to seek out an interior designer for guidance. But if you prefer, you can visualize the environment of the wall and place a lamp according to the style of the room; modern, vintage, antique, contemporary, etc. You should also consider the type of light bulb used to create a better ambiance.

7.Wooden Mirror Frame Wall Decor:

Making a Wood Frame Mirror | Modern wooden wall decor

One of the amazing wooden wall decor ideas that attract a lot of attention is to place a wall mirror on it. Mirrors not only provide a decorative value to any wall but also create a feeling of depth, spaciousness, and light in the room where you are. That is why placing one is a wall that can give you the feeling of having more space and light. You can place them with wooden or aluminum frames, or combine both styles. If you prefer, you can also embed it in the wooden wall so that it is part of the wall. You could even give it a modern, vintage, futuristic, or whatever style you prefer, but you should always consider where you are going to place it and what it will reflect.

8.Wood Mounted Planters:

How to Make Wood Mounted Planters (wood wall decor ideas for living room)

Putting wood mounted planters on a wall is an amazing wooden wall decor idea, after all, vertical gardens are something that has become very fashionable during the last years, not only for external walls but also for internal walls. A very original way to do this is to use wooden pots, these don’t decorate your wall but can give color to it using floral plants. However, you must bear in mind that these pots must have certain characteristics so that they don’t rot, although if you only use them without plants, there is no problem and they will still decorate the wall very well. 

9.3D Wooden Wall Panel:

3D wooden wall panels | Modern wooden wall Decor

A very Abstract wood wall decoration idea is 3D wood panels. These provide a unique and very original decoration when giving a different look to a living room, room or bedroom. They have different textures, colors, and letters that set any place where they are placed. In addition, they are simple to place, easy to clean and can be very versatile. With a simple word or a couple of letters in 3D, your wooden wall will look totally different and original.

10.Framed Wood Wall Decor:

DIY Framed Wood Wall Art | wood decor ideas for bedroom

One last wooden wall art idea that attracts a lot of attention when decorating a wall, are the wooden frames wall decoration. Framing a complete wall with a wooden frame gives a quite warm, modern and even reassuring feeling. Whether you cover the entire wall with wood or just make a substantial frame, it will look fantastic. You can also use pictures or shelves to complement the ambiance, although framed only looks pretty good.

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