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Halloween is a celebration that many people in the United States and other countries around the world celebrate. When someone hears the word Halloween they immediately think of candy and costumes since that is the tradition. After all, this is the only time of year, at least in the United States, when people, both children, and adults, take advantage of the occasion to dress up and go out on the street to spend a different day sharing and looking for candy in every house in the neighborhood.

However, people are not the only ones who dress up during this party, but many people take advantage of decorating their houses with many monstrous things, such as witches, bats, and other elements that lend themselves to this great night of terror.

Although you can get many things in the store to decorate for Halloween, there are also many things you can do yourself and not spend so much money. We’ve put together some DIY Halloween wall decorating ideas that can save you a lot of money and decorate your house to your liking and convenience. In addition, we bring you Halloween wall decorating ideas to decorate both the inside and outside.

So get ready to start a new project and learn how to decorate your house by taking on challenging ideas. But don’t be scared, it’s not that complicated, you can actually be surprised how easy it can be if you have the necessary materials and tools.

1.Halloween Bat Wall Decoration:

EASY Halloween Bat Wall Decoration | Halloween wall decor ideas

There’s no need to cover your entire house with Halloween-related items, after all, the more you do, the more exhausted you’ll end up and the less you’ll want to pick it all up again. That’s why we’ve brought you a very simple Halloween wall decor bats that will surely look great. You’ll need some materials for it, such as a printed Halloween bat drawing, scissors, bat stickers, and white glue.

If you don’t have a drawing of bats for Halloween, you can look for one of the hundreds of designs on the internet and print out as many as you like to put on your wall. Some websites offer ready-to-print labels with 3 bats per page, but you can select the model and size you want according to your taste. 

Once you have the template printed, cut out each bat with the scissors, trying to make it as precise as possible without leaving white outlines around the bats. When you have cut them all out, decide in which direction you want to place them, it is best if they all go in the same direction, as they move in packs. If you used plain paper, put some white glue on the back of these and stick them. As you stick, watch how it looks and continue to follow the same pattern until you cover the area of the wall you want to decorate, and that’s it, you’ll have a DIY Halloween wall decor idea of your own.

2.Halloween Witch Wall DECOR IDEAS:


Witches are also an essential element for Halloween wall decor. And just like bats, you can make these yourself. In fact, there are many Halloween witch wall decor ideas, as it is much simpler and you can save more by doing a witch design on a wall than anywhere else in the house.

In stores, there are many stickers and drawings of witches that can be used to decorate a wall on Halloween, but the truth is that with a few home materials you can make different witch designs yourself. To do this you might need black hats, brooms, black cloth, antique books, and other materials that witches think they use. You can also use your imagination and draw your own witch design on the wall.

A Halloween witch wall decor is a very original idea that combines the materials you may have with drawings on the wall. If you want, you can cover the wall with a big white canvas and start decorating it. To make an arrangement that includes a witch, you could paint her face, since this is very difficult to do with other materials, but you could stick the black hat, the dress and the broom next to the wall. Also, you can use an old cauldron and place it in such a way that it gives relief on the wall making the witch “prepare a potion”. The black cats are also companions of these characters, so you could print some drawings of them and place them next to her.

3.Halloween Stickers Wall Decor:


Halloween stickers wall decor may be one of the most expensive wall decorations ideas in this article, but it’s certainly one of the best to look at. Stickers wall decoration are very simple to use, you just have to choose the designs you like, remove the adhesive from the front and stick it on the wall. However, it is important that you measure how much space you can put them in and how many you can put on the wall. These stickers have an infinite number of models; you can find bats, witches, mummies, black cats, vampires, spiders, and any other type of monstrosity alluding to Halloween.

Halloween Sticker Frame Craft | DIY HALLOWEEN WALL DECOR IDEAS

If you can’t buy many stickers there are also several options to make them yourself. You can print the designs you want on regular paper but with a laser printer and with adhesive tape make the ink transfer and stick them on the wall.

4.Wall Decoration with Halloween Paper:

DIY Halloween Skull & Pumpkin Wall Art – Diy Halloween Wall Decor Ideas

A paper Halloween wall decor is perhaps one of the simplest and most economical ways to make Halloween wall decor. You can simply choose papers with different dark colors, drawings and other designs that allude to Halloween and paste it on the wall you want. If you have young children at home, you can have them draw on the paper and that way you can also let them help with the decoration of the house.

As with bats, you can print out different designs of mummies, spiders, vampires, cats, pirates, and any kind of monster you want to put on the wall. Cut out the paper and stick it to the wall with white glue or adhesive tape so that it can be easily removed later.

5.Wall Decoration with Halloween Crafts:

Craft Halloween wall decor – Diy Halloween wall decor ideas

If you want to make a Halloween wall decor sign-large, you can combine all the elements mentioned above and make a drawing or large enough to occupy an entire wall and have a very original and unique Halloween decoration. Halloween crafts can be brooms, dried tree branches, threads that simulate webs, black cauldrons, coffin-shaped boxes, and much more. All these crafts can be made by yourself with materials you have at home, without having to spend a lot of money on your Halloween decoration.


Each one of the Halloween wall decorations mentioned in this post can be done by yourself at home so you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You just have to wake up your creative side, look for reference or other ideas on the internet and start decorating your Halloween walls as you’ve never done before.

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