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Decorating walls with plates is a form of decoration that has been done for hundreds of years, and since then they have been an economical and creative way to create a wall with a different touch in any room. Dishes can replace paintings or other types of decorations that can be placed on a wall. In addition, they can cover the largest surface area of a wall, making it stand out from the others around it. If you have a lot of plates in your home that you don’t use and want to take advantage of them, you can review these plates wall decor ideas. Here we will give you several of them and also help you decide where you can place them and how you can hang them on the wall.

1. How to Decorate With Plates on the Wall:

Plate Wall Display With DIY Abstract Art Painted Plates

It’s possible that at some point you wanted to do something with those old but very nice plates on your walls, and maybe you don’t know how to do it. Or in case you want to do something different to decorate a wall with plates, you can also go to the home store and buy them. However, you may have wondered how to decorate a wall with plates. There are several ways you can do it; one of them is by using plates of certain colors that allow you to create a different pattern from the rest of the walls.

To place the plates on the wall you can make a frame with painter’s tape that determines the area of the wall where you will place the plates. This will ensure a balanced and proportionate design. Another option you might consider is to cut out paper circles that simulate the size of the plates and tape them to the wall so that they look like a template to guide you and give you an idea of what the wall decoration with plates will look like. Once you place the plates you can carefully remove the paper and that’s it.

2. How to Hang Your Plates on the Wall:

How to hang plates on the wall – Diy Plates Wall Decor Ideas

There are different ways to hang the plates on the wall and make sure they don’t fall down. If you want to use big plate wall decor, then you should know what kind of hangers to use or how else you could hang the plates on the wall. One of the ways to hang the plates is to stick some D-rings on the back of the plates. This type of hanger becomes invisible once the plates are hung.

There are also other options such as Flatiron disc hangers, which are placed on the back of the plate only by moistening them with water and gluing them. Once they are on the plate the same procedure is done to hang them on the wall, and if you want to take them down you just have to soak them with water and they come out easily without damaging the wall or the plate. 

You can also use small clips attached with very strong glue on the back of the plates. Or use the 3M double-sided adhesive strips. 

3.Ways to Decorate a Wall with Plates:

Now that you know how to hang plates for wall decor, it’s time to define the shapes and places where they could be placed.

1.Create a Collection:

Leaf Plate Wall Decor | DIY Wall Art

Hanging a collection of plates on the same wall is perhaps the most common way to make a decorative plate wall decor. Whether it’s to display an exclusive dinner service or a collection of different plates, but these usually look great on a dining room wall. You can inspire your design with a family collection or a dinnerware pattern, which allows you to set a focal point different from the rest of the walls.

2. Fill In a Small Sliver:

If you want to make a vintage plate wall decor, you can take advantage of the walls in your house that have splinters that make it look damaged or useless. If you have a wall in your house that has cracks or some imperfections and you want to cover them, a plate decoration could solve that problem. Create a design and combine dishes that match colors and tastes to make this damaged wall the most modern one in the room.

3. Above a Door:

In earlier times many people hung old plates on the wall above the door. These used to match the other colors in the room making them unique. Dishes hanging over a door attract a lot of attention, and everyone who passes through that door will surely notice that they are there and will be pleased to see that the old tradition of decorating with plates is still as attractive as before.

4.Mixed On a Gallery Wall:

A gallery wall can be a wall in the living room or dining room of your house, but they can serve very well to make a decorative plate wall decor with many small and special pieces of art that cause a lot of impacts. You can even use metal plates for wall decoration, and if they match the rest of the furniture and accessories in the room, they will surely give the different touch that room needs.

5.On A Bed:

Plates are not just a decoration for the kitchen or dining room, but for any wall in the house. In the bedrooms, on the wall behind the bed, you can place some modern plates to decorate it and make the bedroom have something different and attractive. If these can match the color of the sheets it would look much better.

6.Mixing With a Mirror:

If you want to combine mirrors with plates, make sure that the mirrors are round so that you do not lose the asymmetry in the decoration. Some plate wall decor ideas implement a large round mirror as a central point and surround it with other modern dishes making the decoration look very good.

7.In A Splash Guard:

One advantage of the plates is that they can be used in different sizes, including small sizes, allowing them to be placed in tight spaces and to function as a kitchen splash guard. If your kitchen maintains a neutral style, you can add small, antique plates and cups to hang as a splash guard for your kitchen.

8.On A Kitchen Window:

The windows in the kitchen or dining room are also good walls to make a decoration with plates. These walls usually feel very simple with all the materials around them, so you could give them a little more life by hanging plates on them. Be sure to combine colors and patterns to make this space more attractive.

9.Around Your TV:

If you want to decorate a wall with plates and never lose sight of it, then you should use the wall where your TV is. You can surround your TV with modern or vintage dishes to make it look more personal and bring more life to the wall and the surrounding environment.

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