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When decorating a wall, many wall decoration ideas can arise to do so, many of these come to us with crazy ideas or very outgoing which allow us to visualize our home in a different way. However, not all of us have a professional designer’s mind and many times we don’t have the best ideas for decoration and we end up doing something we don’t like. But next, we want to bring you a very original candle holder wall decor ideas.

The chandeliers can be that detail that is needed on the walls of our homes to give a different touch that changes the look of the home. After all, every accessory, or detail that is used to decorate tends to transform a house by giving it a different look and even modernizing it. If you’re the type of person who likes small details, then wall sconces are the items you need to decorate your walls.


Modern Candle Holder Wall Decor | Candle Wall Sconces | Abstract wall decor ideas

From the point of view of several architects and designers, wall candle holders have been the perfect choice when you want to highlight family paintings or other portraits you may have on your wall. In addition, they give a warm look to long corridors or reinforce the decoration of a wall that is starred by a mirror.

In the past, many houses used wrought-iron candleholders that followed the lines of window frames, paintings, or mirrors. So since then, it has remained the custom of using the wall candle holders to complement the decoration of the same more not as a single accessory decoration.

So candle holder wall decor should serve as a complement to the rest of the accessories or furniture in the home. If you have a set of iron furniture you can choose to place a metal candle holder wall decor to match the furniture. You can also choose to use wooden candle holders or other materials that will harmonize with the rest of the room.

Although candle holders were mostly used in aristocratic houses, this does not mean that our wall candle holders have to be the same or that we have to change the style of our house back to ancient times. Nowadays, the candle holders have also been modernized and are made of different materials and shapes, allowing them to be combined with the most modern styles and with the different tastes of people.

In addition, in the past, candleholders were characterized by the fact that they were used to hold candles, and although this culture is still maintained in many homes, this theme has also been redefined and low voltage light bulbs are used which simply provide the necessary light. However, the use of candles in wall candle holders remains in many homes and they make the decoration look more natural and even more elegant. Also, there are many wall candle holders with minimalist designs that can be adapted to even the simplest tastes, allowing everyone to implement a decorative wall candlestick.

It is also important to mention that the wall candle holders are usually used on walls that are not very high, these usually stay at a height of fewer than 2 meters, allowing people to access them comfortably. After all, if you have to put candles or light bulbs in them, you can light or change them when needed in a more comfortable way.

In case you decide to use candles in wall candle holders you should always have the distance between the flame and the ceiling or any other object that can be burned. Likewise, if the wall where you will place the candle holders has wallpaper, you must make sure that the distance between the flame and the wall is careful enough so that the wall does not burn the paper when a wind current passes by.


You may be able to find many types of wall candle holders in the home stores closest to you, or even in the online stores, you will get a lot of these. In these places, you will find carved wood, stone, gold or silver crafts, ceramics, aluminum, and many other materials and styles. But to give you a better idea of the decorative wall candle holders you can find, we mention the most common ones.

2.1.Wooden Candleholders Wall Decoration:

Making a candle holder from pallet wood | DIY Wall Decor Ideas

It is very traditional that wood is used for any kind of detail, especially for decoration. Wood carvings are an old idea of decoration and since then this material has been modernized and adapted to all styles allowing it to be part of any decoration. In fact, most of the candle holders wall decor ideas you see in your nearest store may be made of wood or have some wood details. These are usually cheap and give very traditional decorative touches that provide a natural environment, vintage or if you know how to combine could even modernize the wall.

2.2.Stone Candle Holder Wall Decoration:

Stone Candle Holders

As for the candle holders carved in stone, you will find several traditional sculptures, animal figures, and other very modern styles. One of the preferred materials for stone carving is a volcanic stone, whose color closely resembles cement once it is carved. This type of candle holders is usually used to decorate rustic walls so that they maintain the same atmosphere.

2.3.Silver Candle Holder Wall Decoration:


If you like fine, elegant, attractive or luxurious, you may want to choose your walls with candle holders combined with gold and silver. These are usually made of other materials as a base, can be wood, stone, or aluminum, but these are taken to a process of granulation and a process where they embed the details of gold or silver or both.

Other arts and crafts Candle Holders Wall Decor Ideas:

room wall decoration craft | candle holder decoration ideas | candle craft ideas|

Among so many tastes and styles, there are also candle holders in which different types of arts or crafts are combined. Among these candle holders, you can get designs with paintings, fabrics, flowers, terracotta figures, ceramics, etc. However, if you are an art or traditional lover and have other accessories at home that could be combined with a type of wall sconce like these, then you could dare to create your own decoration with an original and unique design and style. You will surely find one that suits your taste and will allow you to give that different touch you want to your walls.

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