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The living room is an important part of the house, where visitors are received, shared during meetings, family visits or simply enjoyed a pleasant time reading or sharing with friends. That is why it is important that the decoration of this and its walls are kept in harmony, with modern designs and styles that transmit different types of emotions and sensations. Therefore, we invite you to learn about some modern wall decor ideas for living room, so that you can achieve the perfect harmony in your room.

1.Large Wall Art for Living Room:

20 + BEST Large Wall Art For Living Room | Wall Decor Ideas For Living Room

The walls of the room are usually quite large, in some of these, there may be windows with curtains and some that other decorative pictures. However, a modern living room wall decor is to make a large mural on one of them. Murals are these drawings that have been modernizing different parts of our house and that makes it look totally different. The idea is to use very large murals that take up most of the wall or even cover two walls, with the designs that you like best and that best suit your style and that of your home.

2.Accent wall Decor For Living Room:

How To Make a Bold Accent Wall ART | Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Choosing an accent wall in our living room might be what you need to make it look extraordinary. It’s also a great idea for modern wall decor, as these accent walls stand out from all the others. In the living room try to choose one of the walls that are not for sale, paint it a different color making it different from the others. You can also choose to place the murals, paintings or other accessories on this wall so that it is the one that attracts the most attention.

3.Mural Wall Decor For Living Room:

3D Wall Murals Ideas For Living Room | Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

If a very large mural seems too exaggerated, there are some mural designs that are smaller and simpler, but look quite unique and decorate the walls of the living room very well. If you want to make a modern living room wall decor, you can opt for small pieces of vinyl that stick to the wall and make the atmosphere totally different. If you dare, you can make your own mural, be it a landscape, some arabesques, or whatever you want, but whatever it is it will give your living room a different atmosphere.

4.Floating Shelves Wall Decor For Living Room:

17 Floating Shelves Ideas for Living Room | Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

The shelves are also quite decorative for the walls of the house. However, you have to admit that these don’t look good anywhere. To decorate the room with floating shelves it is necessary to first identify whether something is to be placed on those shelves. However, it is not essential to have something to put on the shelf, as nowadays there are some modern shelves that simply stylize the wall in such a way that it changes the perspective of the room, giving a modern, simple and even elegant touch. If you prefer, you can also place some objects such as books, plants, or glasses to set the mood.

6.Picture Frames Wall Decor For Living Room:

Picture Frames Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room | Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Some families like to put pictures in their living rooms. Usually, these photos are usually of family members, but the truth is that they can be of whatever you like. Many people tend to put the photo frames on the tables, but putting them on the wall is a good modern art wall decor. You can put several photo frames on one wall in the room to make it look different, and if you don’t want to put photos of your family members, then you can look for photos of what you like best and make a mosaic or photo collage. Avoid placing the frames on several walls, if it is one wall it will look better and more modern.

7.Round Mirror Wall Decor For Living Room:

DIY Round Wall Mirror | Diy Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room

It is natural to find mirrors in the living room of some houses. Some people put them there because they always pass by that place when they go out and they like to take a last look. But the truth is that nowadays, round mirrors are the ones that are modernizing the living room of many homes. An excellent modern home wall decor is to place a round mirror on one of the walls in the living room, in fact, you could even place it on the accent wall to make it stand out even more. 

8.Modern Canvas Wall Decor For Living Room:

Abstract Wall Decor Painting – Canvas Wall Art For Living Room Home Decoration

Since ancient times wallpaper has been used a lot to decorate the walls of the house, but many people have removed it because they think it is no longer modern. However, these papers are still used today but are now more like canvases. These canvases are also defined as paintings and these are placed on the walls to decorate and create a different atmosphere to the living room. Many modern designs of these canvases tend to be minimalist designs, with few details, but when placed on the wall, they make them stand out giving a different look to the room. In addition, these canvases can be obtained in different textures, so that they give a different atmosphere.

9.Clock Wall Decor For Living Room:

New Decorating Ideas – Using Large Modern Clocks Wall Decor

If you have a wooden wall in your living room you could make a modern wooden wall decor and put a wall clock on it. However, it is not mandatory to have a wooden wall to put a clock on it, as many tend to have them on any type of wall. A clock is an accessory that can give another look to your living room. In addition, there are many modern clocks that could combine very well with the rest of your furniture and with the colors of your living room. There are even wall clocks that are digital, which projects a very modern style in many cases.

10.Basket Wall Decor For Living Room:

DIY BASKET WALL * BOHO HOME DECOR | Diy Wall Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Generally, baskets have been used to decorate exterior walls, but for some time now, many designers have implemented placing them inside the room. Baskets are a modern home wall decoration, and you can take advantage of storing certain objects in them that also contribute to the decoration. These baskets can be of different styles and sizes, however, we recommend you not to use such big sizes. You can use groups of small baskets and place some plants in them to give the room a different atmosphere.

11.Panels Wall Decor Ideas:

Wood and wood paneling | Modern Interior House

The panels are some of the panels used to decorate the walls of the room. These panels are usually made of wood, although there are also panels made of other materials such as aluminum or plastic, to project a more natural, vintage or even modern style, you can use wooden panels of different tones or textures that make your living room look different. These panels can be of different sizes, you can look for them the size of a painting or frame an entire wall, it all depends on your tastes and your budget, but there is no doubt that it is a modern living room wall decor.

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