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If you love nature, handmade things, and would like to have one or more accessories or materials of this type in your home, then the rustic style is the one you should give to your living room. A rustic living room wall decor traditionally contains finishes made of wood, ceramics, bricks and other materials in neutral colors, which point towards the designs of cabins. They also tend to bring a vintage style, which is really charming and romantic. However, since there are so many options, we bring you some rustic living room wall decor ideas.

A rustic living room decor will always have a certain charm and also bring more warmth to the house. Generally, these types of decorations make the living room one of the favorite places for family, friends and other guests. One or several walls of a rustic decor living room is what your house could be lacking to make this look really different and unique. The rustic style tends to allow for more sunlight in the room so that the woods or stones stand out as much as possible. These walls accompanied by sets of furniture and other accessories of the same style, recreate a very natural environment that will make you feel that you are inside nature.
120 Lovely Rustic Wood Wall Decor Ideas – Modern Rustic wall decor ideas

Nowadays, a modern rustic living room wall decor does not only focus on what can be done on the wall but on everything that sets the place in motion. Moreover, it is not necessary to cover a whole wall with wood or stones, since you can also use neutral colors combined with items such as lamps or shelves made with these materials. Although a whole wall covered with stone or wood is a really sensational touch for a rustic living room wall decor. However, if you already have a lot of wood, ceramic or stone furniture and accessories in the living room, you could choose to paint the walls white or beige to give the room a more radiant look.

If you already have wooden lamps or shelves on the walls of your living room, you can use colors on them, such as sage green, or a rusty red, which stands out a lot on a white wall and also look more natural. It is important to mention, that you should not load all the walls of the living room with this type of decoration, but you can select an accent wall and make a large rustic wall decor for the living room.

A well-defined rustic style emphasizes the natural beauty of things, leaving them in their natural state. However, there are also synthetic materials that simulate natural textures very well. These are usually inspired by natural elements, simple colors and even combine some organic materials to make it look even more natural. However, regardless of whether natural or synthetic materials are used, they provide a natural and traditional style that transforms the environment into something fresh. 

1.Rustic Configuration:

5 Easy and Cheap Rustic Wall Home Decor Ideas

To get some rustic living room wall decor ideas, it is necessary to make it have a transition from outside to inside and vice versa. What we mean is that these styles always look better when there are natural environments around your house that can be linked to the interior designs of the house. These are some of the things you might consider when decorating a rustic wall decor for living room.

2.Raw Natural Elements:

If you want to do your best then you should make sure you use natural materials for architecture and rustic decoration. The more natural these materials are, the easier it will be to find a rustic style that will suit all the spaces in your living room, both inside and outside. In addition, natural materials make maintenance easier.

3.Rustic Wall Decor With Wooden Panels or Beams:

Rustic Wall Decor Ideas With Wooden Panels

Wood is one of the main materials used for modern rustic wall decor. Whether you decide to cover an entire wall with wood or simply place some wooden beams on it, this will give a very rustic style to the living room. In case you cannot cover the whole wall with wood, you can choose to place wooden beams and paint the wall between them in white. By contrasting the white color with the wooden beams you will notice how they look like a white canvas that makes the walls shine and gives more freshness to the living room.

However, the purpose of rustic decoration is not to shine, but to highlight as much as possible the natural colors and materials. If you have some old rusty metal fittings, such as old parts of a tractor, or something similar, you can use them to decorate the living room in a rustic style. Each piece used for decoration provides a visual effect that characterizes this style.

4.The Natural State of the Materials:

Abstract Rustic Wall Decoration // Rustic Wall Decor Ideas

The more natural the materials you use for the rustic wall decoration of the living room, the better the rustic style you will get, and even more modern. A touristic style can be determined by the same color in most of the objects or materials used. Another idea of rustic wall decoration of the living room is to place parts of wooden barrels on it or use a branch that has a unique shape that conveys the feeling of being on earth. In the case of the barrels you don’t have to put the whole barrel, you can use only the ends and paint the rest of the wall with a light color like white or beige. 

Modern rustic wall decor for the living room can really be satisfying for everyone who visits your house. After all, there are many people who love nature and seeing that you have at least some of it in your home gives a feeling of warmth and comfort that makes anyone who comes to your rustic-style living room want to stay in it. However, you should always keep in mind, that a decoration of this type does not only have to go on a wall, but it must also combine with the rest of the living room.

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