7 Ways to Decorate an Exquisite Eclectic Bedroom

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Do you feel that you are a bit of a rebel when it comes to decorating your home and in general to write his own book of rules when it comes to a mixture of various styles? Then eclectic bedroom is perfect for you! One of the joys of adopting an eclectic style is the way you can add different layers of the room for years and even decades. There has to be a quick change of image, and there is always room for the amazing new piece found during the recent trip to Flea Market. In essence, the eclectic style is all about expressing a carefully curated still uninhibited way.

The development of an eclectic bedroom comes to finding the right balance between what you like and what your room really needs. Eclectic bedrooms may also vary from being sophisticated and modern to vintage and retro. Behind what might seem like “chaos” to the untrained eye, there is order, elegance and a lot of work. Here are some useful tips that will help in creating the perfect eclectic bedroom.

1. Mixture of styles Order:

Decorate an Exquisite Eclectic Bedroom

As we alluded to earlier, the essence of eclectic style that is the underlying mix of styles seemingly random order. Each piece in the room has its own purpose, and when you are mixing pieces of decoration with radically different styles, it is best to create a transition from one to another. For example, a beautiful rug with an elegant impression can be used to create a connection between a framework of rustic bed and a nightstand that is more contemporary. Decorated with silhouettes or groups of accessories that are placed next to the game give greater visual order to the room.

2. Consistent palette of colors:

Nothing unites the various elements of an eclectic bedroom as a common color palette. One of the best things about having a consistent color scheme is the ease with transitions from one style to the next in an eclectic atmosphere. Since we are talking about rooms, use the bed sheets, duvet and pillows to accentuate this aspect. It is best to stick to only three or four main colors, as too many colors can turn the bedroom into a space is concerned. But if you want to incorporate a wider range of colors, then do it in moderation.

3. The repetition and symmetry:

Speaking of colors, one of the ways to give the room a more eclectic organized and attractive atmosphere by repeating the colors that are used in more than one place. Even if you’re exploring everything from soft pastels red daring to make sure each color used more than once. This is an easy way to provide visual symmetry way to the room. Not to mention, using repetitive forms and patterns in the room it gives the space a more refined appeal. If you have a bedside table in a bright color or flowery wallpaper, using the beds in a color similar pattern easily and makes the room much more enjoyable.

4. Texture beauty:

An eclectic bedroom gone wrong can easily look like a scene from a garage sale or flea market weekend! While adding period pieces is one of the hottest design trends right now, that does not mean that floods the room with furniture made of wood only. In fact, it is counterproductive and actually takes away from the eclectic look. As the mixture of colors, an eclectic approach to design also requires a wonderful amalgam of textures. A cozy white carpet, a coffee table rough, vintage evening, contemporary bed and a modern mid-century lamp can be combined to create a truly unique bedroom. Take a layered approach to textures as well!

5. A relaxing backdrop:

While it is not mandatory to have a backdrop of a neutral color for a dazzling eclectic bedroom, which often helps in creating a more beautiful space. This is particularly true if you like the colorful decor and are planning to fill the room with a variety of tones and shades. A more neutral backdrop background allows this beautiful range of colors stand out even more prominent and brings the best of your precious furniture. While the smaller rooms benefit from white and light gray, warm yellows work well in larger rooms.

6. Work with less:

A popular belief is that the eclectic style allows you to fill your home with just about anything and everything under the sun. In fact, the truth is exactly the opposite of that. The mismatch curating eclectic style requires you to be much more careful when picking the right decoration. Buy only the things that you absolutely love and be ruthless when it comes to ending the unnecessary. Remember that the cohesion between the different parts is much more difficult to achieve when you start to fill the room with the disorder.

7. An element of surprise:

Even with a style that incorporates many incredibly different furniture and variants, your bedroom still needs a single focal point. Ensure that this focal point introduces an element of surprise and excitement and will serve in the coming years! The “theme” of the room will be established. So let it shine through with the right accent lighting or by creating a backdrop that is as modest as possible.

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