Smart 10 Ways To Put Your Bedroom Corner Space To Use

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So what is the biggest challenge many of us face when decorating our homes? Undoubtedly “space” is the answer that tops the list almost every time. We try our best to make the most of every inch of available space in our homes and often dream of what an extra room could solve all our enigmas of space. Interestingly, when we finally move to a bigger house or get an additional room, we soon found ourselves longing even more space! Whatever it may be, proper planning and the intelligent use of the room available often can turn a narrow house in an airy and relaxed center.

In an attempt to find that elusive ‘additional corner’, we now turn our attention to the forgotten, lonely corner in the bedroom. It is often overlooked and rarely used to the hilt, the corner bedroom is full of potential waiting to be unlocked. All you need is the right decoration and a little creativity to get the job. And here are 10 elegant ideas to help you turn that tight corner in an elegant and functional place

1. Corner Bed:

Smart 10 Ways To Put Your Bedroom Corner Space To Use

Yes, the bed is the focal point of your bedroom, and must remain so. But what is the star of the show, does not necessarily mean that you need to put it front and center, literally! Corner beds are quickly becoming a popular trend, as it not only save on precious space, but also to turn that corner misused in a hot center for the activity. This also opens up the rest of the room, giving it an airy appeal.

2. Double the comfort:

While tilting the bed in the corner or giving that double headboard is one of the ways to go, you can also put on a pair of bed in the corner to actually reduce the waste of space. This is another hot look in the bedrooms of children who are replacing the use of bunk beds, and the common area between the two beds can be used for lighting sconce or as storage and display space.

3. A Fiery Chimney Corner:

Therefore, it is not very happy with move the bed in the corner and the realignment of the entire room? We are aware of the appeal of an elegant bed that stands in the center of the room. Instead, turn that boring and ‘dimly lit’ corner times in a stunning and glowing fireplace. The fireplace you choose may depend on the style of the room and can range from contemporary, elegant patterns with a glass front to the classic stone fireplace. You need to bring in an independent chimney, as it will save you the hassle of going for a change of image more tedious.

4. A lovely reading corner:

This is definitely my personal favorite because it allows you to relax in style in the bedroom and catch up on the latest best-seller before coming to bed. Just add a plush, comfortable chair and ottoman cool along with a small side table and lamp to turn the corner in a tower ergonomic reading table. Obviously, we suggest a classic like the Eames chair and ottoman, but feel free to improvise. For those who really little space (read as a small corner), end the side table and lamp and bring a beautiful pendant light.

Share those special moments!

This is indeed a perfect place for young couples and parents who want to spend Sunday morning in the quiet of your bedroom retreat plan. Instead of reading corner, brings a simple coffee table and two chairs, or even a plush sofa does the trick. You can even enjoy a simple breakfast here on your special day, and it really is the ideal place to catch up on a few beautiful, fleeting moments of life!

5. An ergonomic work station:

Are you less of a romantic and is a workaholic who loves to spend hours in front of the laptop at home? Then turn that corner bedroom distant efficient work station. All this takes is a working corner which can be mounted on the wall and a chair. With ample headroom on offer, there is absolutely no shortage of storage space here.

6. Versatile Shelves:

Remember the days when his parents insisted blinking lights at a certain time, and therefore leading to the torch and trapped in your favorite comedian? Well, maybe the younger generation of today with their iPads, smartphones and iPods do not understand. If you prefer to catch up on a book while hiding in, then the idea of ​​a shelf in the corner is in fact perfect. Obviously, the platform also serves as a beautiful display, adding to the aesthetics of the room.

7. Good Old Nightstand:

If your bed is already quite close to the corner and there is very little space on the offer, and then mark the beginning of a cold night table to create an image of your dreams. Adding twin nightstands on either side gives the room geometric visual balance and is a classic that never fails. Simple, timeless and practical, the contemporary fashion night table has an undeniable appeal.

8. A touch of greenery:

Decorating your bedroom is not just decoration and accessories only, and if you already have almost everything you want, then just use a plant in lovely pot to encourage the corner. Tropical rooms currently all the rage, and a dash of natural goodness is the best way to give the room a touch of vitality and green goodness.

9. The Outside World:

This is obviously the ideal case scenario, as not all are blessed with a bedroom that opens onto the idyllic mountains and the view of the waves crashing on the beach. But if you have a vantage point, then make the most of it by adding glass walls and the opening of the corner with the outside world. A distant view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the bright skyline of New York or Vienna Classic View dream is not a bad option, either for the urban dweller!

10. Use your imagination!

Yes, we said 9 ideas, and no, we will not recover with just tell you to use your wits. Murals, decals and charming modern art illuminated by the right light accents are an easy way to spice up the corner of the bedroom. Maybe your room could use a bath in the corner! Do not think about what you really want and which of the above additions really adds value to the room and your home as a whole.

So, are you convinced that the little nook in our room offers us endless possibilities? Which of these additions is your preferred option? Or do you have something completely different brushed?

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